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Viewing Velapp

New contributor John Carlson-Nobel takes a look at Velapp, an edit-as-you-shoot app for video footage


Velapp will change the way you use your mobile. It is an app that can film video footage and put together a finished edit of the best parts in one click. It is easy to use and the results it produces are amazing.


Providing a very simple solution to a common problem, Velapp enables users to mark or highlight the most important moments they film and rate it on the fly. The app then puts these parts together to produce a streamlined result of the best bits that could only be surpassed by professional editing.


One of the smartest interfaces in the sector, Velapp is the creation of 26-year old David de Min from Kent. He came up with the idea after finding himself frustrated after wading through 325 hours of holiday footage from a trip to the Himalayas.


Of the product, in March this year, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, told Kent Online: Velapp is an amazing application, I really admire the simplicity”.


Meanwhile, in a press release, De Min, himself, added: “I believe our core demographic though will be those filming action sports or wanting to use Velapp on holidays”.


“Velapp is truly different and comes at a time when video is becoming the most important piece of the social and sharing jigsaw. The arrival of 5G speeds will only increase its importance and use”.


“Ultimately I believe Velapp will become a standard for all mobile video and could become integrated into a device’s camera technology. We are already working on the next iterations of the app and have some very exciting ideas to make video capture and editing even easier and more intuitive. This will ensure the final cut is as exciting and interesting as possible, with minimal effort on the edit”.


To download Velapp for free, click here. A £1.99 version removes the watermark and allows videos over one minute to be exported.


Pictured: Steve Wozniak with Velapp’s David de Min.



4 comments on “Viewing Velapp”

  1. Just download this. Brilliant, it is the answer to all my phone-video prayers, quick, slick and easy to make little films, just finished one for Facebook, and two for Kickstarter. Thanks guys, this is a really really good find! Keep em comming.

  2. This seems like a clever idea for young people. I doubt an old pensioner like me would get far with it but maybe I’ll give it a go one day when my grandson shows me how to make a video!

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