Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The Technological Revolution of Education

Professor Robert Everett examines how technology has changed education in the UK

Modern classrooms hardly even resemble classrooms from the past. The more we implement technology in education UK, the harder it is to remember how it was before. As long as technology is used to enrich education and make the lives of teachers and students easier, this is probably the best thing that could happen to the educational system. At this point, technology already has a grand role in education around the world, and UK definitely keeps in pace with these changes.


There’s hardly a person today who remembers a classroom that was technology-free. Right now, gone are the times when a single desktop computer was placed in some corner, or when you could only access technology from the computer in the school library. Today, teachers and students have access to laptops, smart phones, as well as tablets they not only carry around, but actually use to boost the educational process.


The current generation of students are quite used to using technology. They use it on a daily basis, even outside the classroom. For these students, using technology in school is normal and expected, which is why it is crucial to guide them into proper use of it. With carefully guided use of technology in education, this is how it changes the face of the classroom.


Easier Preparation

Technologies used in educational institutions have a great impact on the teaching processes. This is an advantage for the educators. Being able to access technology at all times allows them to prepare for classes, as well as exams much easier than before. This is the support educators longed for back when class preparation took most of their free time.


Simplified Assessment Process

The second advantage is great for both educators and students. Thanks to technology, educators can now easily and rapidly assess the progress of students. Not only is this great in terms of time saved, but it also provides the most accurate results and eliminates human error.


Students can benefit greatly from this, too. Seeing how most of the assessment can be automated nowadays, they can access and track their progress almost instantly, and don’t have to fall victims to human error or unfair assessments.


Removing Boundaries

Technology has one huge impact on education. All those boundaries created by the four walls of a classroom are now long gone. Students don’t necessarily have to sit behind a desk in a classroom to study. They have access to study data all the time, which is amazing in terms of research, as well as learning.


Thanks to technology, students can now use a variety of tools to help their learning process. Not only do they have access to unlimited research sources, but they can also use apps for everything from note-taking to proofreading papers. Nowadays, if you don’t have time to do an assignment or struggle with it, you can try custom essay service online and delegate your task. This was never possible before technology came into the world of education.


Speaking of learning boundaries, one of the most advantageous changes in education technology has brought on is the option to study online. Students who can’t move or get access to the education they want can easily go online and study from home. This is a tremendous benefit that millions of people use today.


Easy Collaboration

Sharing information before technology was hard and often delayed. Right now, we can’t even imagine life without phones, messages, or even social media. Thanks to technology, students can communicate with each other in real time, ask for help or guidance, and get updates about class changes. Professors use technology to update them of changes, share study materials, as well as keep in touch with the parents to inform them of their children’s progress.


As you can see, technology allows for collaboration on every possible level in terms of education. Students and teachers can take part in social media groups or send out group emails to share important information in real time. Parents can discuss the best methods for teaching for their children with professors when necessary. Students can communicate with each other and their educators without having to wait or visit their offices. It’s a win-win, that’s for sure.



Textbooks are still highly used in UK educational institutions, but technology has replaced many of the things students and teachers used before. Nowadays, students take notes on their tablets, record them, or even get tech gadgets like a smart pen that transfers the lecture in their devices.


But, one of the greatest benefits of technology we’re experiencing in our educational system is the effect it has on interactivity. Technology has created tremendous ways of boosting the student’s motivation and improving their learning processes.


The Bottom Line

Technology has changed the education on a global level. More advanced countries in terms of education, including the UK, are enjoying tremendous benefits thanks to technology. As it advances even further, we can only expect these benefits to grow, but only as long as the system controls and guides students into properly using technology for learning.


Robert Everett is a professor at a UK university who explores various methods to boost the quality of education of students. His research is mostly focused on improving learners’ experience. For more of his thoughts and ideas, follow him on Twitter at @EduBirdie


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