Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The Dark Sun


James Stunt exposes ‘The Sun’ for nefariously hacking his YouTube account reports Matthew Steeples

Last night in Belgravia, James Stunt logged into his YouTube account in the presence of his friend Helena Robinson and myself. Bizarrely he discovered that he was not alone there.


Aside from his own iPhone telephone device, listed on screen were the details of my own iPhone (which is not odd given I reside in the same property), a Samsung belonging to an employee and also one other. That piece of apparatus? Listed there was an entity described as “iPhone (The sun)” and weirdly, despite him not having an account, a Facebook profile appeared also in a remote accessing manner. The cursor subsequently most curiously moved around the screen without anyone touching the remote control.


Given Mr Stunt has had no visitors from that publication in his premises in the time since setting up this particular social media account, the businessman justifiably contacted the Rupert Murdoch owned publication about how this could be. He has tellingly yet to receive a response in spite of the fact that the controller of The Sun’s WhatsApp “Send Us Your Stories” account now has a double blue ticked next to the private missive he sent them.


Today we say: Mr Murdoch –  It is time for some answers. This time you cannot hide behind Wendi Deng’s coattails.


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he Dark Sun: James Stunt exposes ‘The Sun’ for hacking social media – James Stunt exposes ‘The Sun’ for nefariously hacking his YouTube account reports Matthew Steeples.
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  1. Down Under we hate Rupert Murdoch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is not someone I’d share a Castlemaine with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for his new wife though, we love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me a bit of Jerry Hall on a plate with a tinnie or two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Banging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Unbelievable. But how can you bring them to justice? You can’t expose them via the “papers”? As they are all cahoots maybe just immediately raise a court action. Once in motion they will have to answer to the courts.

    • Is this the tip of the iceberg of a scandal like the hacking a few years ago of the mobile phones of celebrities, politicians and the family of the poor wee girl who had been murdered? It brought down the News of the World. More research needed?

  2. Bloody disgraceful rag suitable only to wrap up a cod lot. I hope you and James get to the bottom of it and call Murdoch out, the guys a legend in his own mind.

  3. This is outrageous. Well done to the Steeple Times for having the courage to publish against the media blackout and deliberately engineered censorship against Mr Stunt. I cannot believe this is happening in the uk.

  4. Sadly, I can’t say I’m overly surprised. I was reminded recently of what an awful paper The Sun is. While they don’t now try to rid Britain of homosexuals by offering them one-way tickets to Norway, they’re still not above invading the privacy of others.

    A few months back, they found out that Ben Stokes’s siblings were murdered 30 years ago by his mother’s ex-partner. So they tracked down and harassed the poor woman, wanting to know more details. Vile rag!

  5. My sister and former brother-in-law used to work for News Corp directly under Murdoch. They said he was a complete tyrant with no ethics when it came to selling newspapers. That was 40 yrs ago! Seems like nothing has changed!


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