The Bubble is Back

The Bubble is Back – £10,800 for minute Microlino electric car – New electric Swiss ‘bubble car’ expected to launch in December; 7,200 orders have already been placed for the £10,800 Microlino.

New electric Swiss ‘bubble car’ expected to launch in December; 7,200 orders have already been placed for the £10,800 Microlino


The Swiss are known for their chocolate and cuckoo clocks but now they might add something new to their roster: cars.


Expected to launch in December and limited at first to the Swiss market, the two-seat, electric Microlino is a quadricycle vehicle that pays homage to the design of the BMW Isetta ‘bubble car’.


With a supposed 7,200 orders placed already, the Microlino has a top speed of 56 miles per hour and a range of 75 miles. It can be charged using a domestic power socket in four hours and will be manufactured by the Italian company Tazzari EV.


Described as priced “less than a car, but a bit more than a motorbike,” the surprisingly spacious Microlino will be sold for £10,800 ($13,700, €12,000 or درهم50,400).


Pictured top: The creators of the Microlino, brothers Merlin and Oliver Ouboter, with a prototype of their new vehicle.


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  1. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Death trap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stick to writing about Rolls Royces man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This thing needs to be crushed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’ll kill someone — mark my words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Perfect for urban settings but no good in the countryside. I see the founders’ father is behind the creation of those stupid micro scooters you so hate. He also (which I do approve of) has one of those amazing electric Fisker cars. What a shame they didn’t take off. The one in Harrods was spectacular. Much better than the Tesla and so beautiful.

    • If you watch the third video, they do mention that this one is a prototype and bigger windscreen wipers will be on the “real” version.

  3. It looks far better than a G-Wiz and much fun than a Smart car. I would very much like one. When will it be available in the UK?

  4. Absolute death traps, I remember a mate of mine had one of these in the early 70’s and we went for a spin in it. I remember vividly taking a corner and having to shift our bottoms to stop the bloody thing tipping over. In this day and age when speed has increased, and vehicles are being fitted with 6 or more airbags. I’m surprised you can even get the things registered, No thanks.

  5. I’m on the waiting list. Some of these comments are ridiculous. I have an E-bike and travel to work on it. This would give a far greater level of protection than my e-bike of my previously owned Honda VFR 800 motorcycle. It has its place and for my 30 mile round commuter trip it will do nicely. With a range of c.120 miles on the larger capacity battery it will be ideal for me. When are we expecting production to hit the UK? Will it be RHD?


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