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Mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers demand she gets access to a laptop seven days per week; one can assume she’ll expect a ritzy MacBook Pro.

Mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers demand she gets access to a laptop seven days per week; one can assume she’ll expect a ritzy MacBook Pro

“What Ghislaine Maxwell wants, Ghislaine Maxwell gets” would be a fair summary of the past life of the now incarcerated and thankfully not bailed mucky madam.


Yesterday, having previously moaned about her not having a desk, writing surface or email access in August 2020, her lawyer, Christian R. Everdell of Cohen & Gresser LLP, wrote to The Honourable Alison J. Nathan to demand “the Bureau of Prisons give Ms. Maxwell access to the laptop computer [which has more than generously already been made available to her 5 days per week] provided by the government so that she can review discovery on weekends and holidays.”


In spite of her trial commencing in 178 days on 12th July, mucky madam Maxwell’s lawyers argue she is losing “several days of review time every weekend and every holiday because she does not have access to the laptop.”


Going further, they remarked that they have tried to “lift this restriction, but without success” previously and added:


“If Ms. Maxwell is to have any hope of reviewing the millions of documents produced in discovery so that she can properly prepare her defense by the July 12th, 2021 trial date, she must have access to the laptop every day, including weekends and holidays.”


“There is no principled justification for this restriction… The laptop is kept in a locker in the same room where the prison computer is located, so it would not require any change in Ms. Maxwell’s movements to give her the requested access.”


“… Given the millions of documents that Ms. Maxwell must review before trial in order to prepare her defense, it is critical that she be given as much time as possible with the laptop to review the discovery.”


Whatever next? Aside from Maxwell – who also repeatedly complained about her vegan eating habits not being properly catered for in the pokey – no doubt wanting an upgrade to a ritzy MacBook Pro, she’ll almost certainly be demanding Krug on tap next also. What else? Maybe even more inappropriately given what she grubbily used to arrange for the filthy fiend Jeffrey Epstein, a weekly visit from a masseuse as well and a Rolls-Royce to court also?


MacBook Maxwell – Ghislaine Maxwell, a woman used to having things her way is pictured here in her youth tapping away at an early computer, but that wouldn’t be good enough for her today. No doubt her devoted lapdog-like PR peddler Brian Basham will soon be claiming “it’s not fair” that she doesn’t have a MacBook Pro.
MacBook Maxwell – On Tuesday, the ‘Guardian’ reported: “Ghislaine Maxwell is appealing against a judge’s order that she remain jailed in New York while awaiting trial on charges she recruited girls for Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse.” Prosecutors unsurprisingly opposed bail and countered: “Maxwell remained a threat to flee in part because she had access to considerable wealth and connections abroad.”
MacBook Maxwell – Part of an old ‘HELLO!’ magazine interview with Ghislaine Maxwell from 1997 was shared on Reddit yesterday also. It features a picture of ‘Bouncing Bob’s’ bombastic daughter standing in a cluttered office space and includes quotes such as: “I will go wherever the business is” and remarks including: “I love children… I have always thought that one day I would get married and kids but it has never been a focus. It is not something I have set out to do. My focus is on business, but one day I would also like to get married and have kids.” Going further, the laptop lover added: “I do consulting work for different people in different areas in which I have expertise: publishing, communications, computers.” Get this wicked wench a MacBook Pro now, OR ELSE…

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  • The QAnon domestic terrorist with the spear and horns of Capitol fame (As seen on TV) is refusing to eat his non-organic food while in jail. Maybe he could go and share a cell with her and discuss his views on diets and paedophilia. He won't be getting out for a while either, by the time the FBI have finished looking at him so he will be the ideal cellmate, and they can bellyache and commiserate together.
    A match made in heaven.


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