Sunday, January 17, 2021

Lockdown Learning


Tiffany Miles offers yet more tips about lockdown learning in the wake of the extension of the restrictions affecting students currently during COVID-19

Last month, I shared tips about how students could continue to learn during the coronavirus lockdown. At that time, many believed the pandemic precautions would be relaxed within a couple of weeks, but now we know exactly to the contrary, it has become obvious that – like with most other things – the education sector will have to continue to find different ways to cope in this difficult period.


Whilst interpersonal interaction between teachers and their pupils is vital to learning productively, it does not seem that such will be possible for the foreseeable future. Correspondence via email can be a great way to stay in touch and the use of online mediums such as the Forbes recommended Khan Academy is a free temporary option that I can assure you is truly excellent.


Providing teaching in everything from spelling and grammar to science and history from pre-school through to early college, Khan’s partners include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Google and their tools for parents and teachers are easy to use and empowering. Their motto of “anyone can learn anything, for free” is indeed to be saluted, but their quality is also noteworthy.


More widely known and truly engrossing once you start to partake is TED, a medium that operates on the basis of “sharing ideas and lessons worth spreading.” Innovative animated video content is what leads the way here and serving millions of teachers around the world each week, TED-Ed’s interactive courses have been expanded during the COVID-19 crisis. Courses include everything from “History vs. Sigmund Freud” to “How does alcohol make you drunk?”


Essay writing challenges particular to a specific topic set by your tutors, however, often will still require specialist assistance. For such I would recommend consulting helpful essay online services such as SpeedyPaper. These are recommended by top educators and in terms of those for those seeking something even more specific, like say, accounting homework help as an example, sites like can prove especially useful due to the detailed knowledge of the teams behind them. Another write my paper for me cheap service is – an impressive assistance service staffed by some of the best graduates I’ve come across.


Three other tips I’d offer to students during the lockdown are:


Mark out a study area within where you are living

A dedicated space will give you the ability to work most effectively and concentrate to the best of your ability.


Don’t stop requesting help from your teachers

Whilst you won’t be able to meet them in person, most educators will be happy to engage via email or online and some will even chat with you on the telephone.


Focus on planning your day and managing your time

Different learning tasks take different lengths of time. Some require more focus than others. Remember also, breaks are important too.


Tiffany Miles is an educational consultant.


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