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How to Continuing Studying During Coronavirus

Educational consultant Tiffany Miles shares thoughts about how students can continue learning effectively whilst stranded due to coronavirus

Those currently in education (and those who are the parents of children engaging in such) are no doubt worried about the impact of coronavirus outbreak restrictions on how they continue to progress in that realm at a time when classrooms have all but emptied.


With exams postponed and schools, universities and other learning centres mostly closed, the wall of silence in places of learning that has appeared overnight might seem utterly depressing to those who’ve put so much effort into their study. However, whilst the likes of the television boffin Carol Vorderman have made their online programmes free for 4 to 11 year olds (the normal charge for The Maths Factor is £2 per week), many older students will increasingly find that they will struggle to keep up due to lack of help with more complex learning in an environment where structured knowledge acquisition has now all but gone.


With little-to-no interaction with their teachers due to the lockdown, a detrimental effect will occur for such individuals and as they find their motivational levels decline, their willingness to participate will sadly likely slump also. The result will be extremely disappointing for both pupils and their teachers.


Aside from watching and joining with the 1.2 million subscribers who already follow the likes of the ‘The Body Coach’ Joe Wicks – whom The Sun this week termed “the nation’s unofficial P.E. teacher” – on his YouTube channel to help their physical wellbeing and to lift their spirits, students with essays to write, for example, could turn to various reliable writing services online for assistance. One example is SpeedyPaper Reddit and I also recommend looking at essa pro Reddit reviews to see the positive remarks about such.


Personal dedication and focused research on the own part of each and every student, of course, is the real key to producing the best work, but sometimes a little help is needed. At a time when, due to government restrictions, you cannot just call in to see your teacher or tutor, asking for professional help from the likes of topessayservices could really assist. I wholeheartedly recommend exploring such options online and urge you to take professional advice into account also.


With the ability to help with fresh ideas, here are solutions that will keep those in education on-the-ball during these strange times and may I conclude by saying: “Keep in there and happy learning.”


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  1. I may be a pensioner but I have tuned into Joe Wicks’ channel and am following his regime. He’s very motivational and though his exercises are a bit much for me on the basis I’m a bit frail I am giving it a go. I have to admit his story is inspiring and good for him for turning his life around and good for his father also. Thank you to Tiffany also here for trying to inspire those studying academically as well.

  2. My children are being made to study. I have take their Playstations off them and told them to work harder at home than they did At school.


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