E-Scooter Explodes; Ban Them Now!

After an e-scooter explodes at Parsons Green underground station, it is time for these dangerous devices to be banned in Britain.

After an e-scooter explodes at Parsons Green underground station, it is time for these dangerous deathtrap devices to be banned in Britain

Yet more proof of the dangers of e-scooters was provided last week when one exploded on the District Line at Parsons Green underground station.


First reported on in the Evening Standard, the incident occurred last Monday at around 8pm and follows another similar incident at Stanmore on 26th October.


Of what occurred, the paper stated:


“In shocking footage, sent to The Standard, clouds of smoke billow down the District Line tube as the flaming scooter is dragged on to the platform at 8pm on Monday night.”


“Passengers flee and can be heard coughing and spluttering from smoke inhalation after the lithium battery of the device exploded at the front of the carriage.”


“A frantic train driver barks an instruction for the passengers to evacuate the train immediately.”


Speaking to the Evening Standard, Lorraine Ward, organising director of Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (TSSA), remarked:


“Without doubt the incident at Parsons Green raises very serious concerns. It’s becoming all too clear that e-scooters pose a significant threat to the travelling public, our members and all workers at TfL.”


“There should be an immediate halt to transporting them on all TfL services until more research into these batteries has been carried out.”


“I’m therefore urging TfL to fully enforce the already existing ban on the use of e-scooters. Indeed, a further ban across the wider travel network should be considered by the Secretary of State for Transport.”


“What happened at Parsons Green and recently at Stanmore must be properly investigated as soon as possible. Safety on our transport network will always be our union’s number one priority, there can be no compromises on that.”


In July, ‘The Steeple Times’ reported on the London cabbie feed @TaxiLeaks sharing a video of an e-scooter exploding in a park. They accompanied it with the caption: “This is the death trap device that Sadiq Khan, Heidi Alexander, Will Norman and TfL are promoting. This is what happens when the battery becomes faulty (apparently a common problem). I’m sure Heidi can explain being deputy Mayor for transport.”
Vlogger Emily Hartridge died after being hit by a truck whilst using an e-scooter on a roundabout in Battersea in July 2019. Of the tragic accident, YouTuber, Noel Forrest, remarked: “Emily [Hartridge] was one of my best friends, we grew up together. She was a very expressive, kind and caring person. It’s just so very sad. This is a tragedy but some good should come from it. Clearly e-scooters are not safe. Why allow the sale of something that is not safe? The existing ban should be enforced and extended to cover their sale.” Rightly, at the time, Colin Wingrave of the Metropolitan Police concluded: “Electric scooters should not be on the pavement or the road.”

Going further, a first responder stated: “How dangerous is that? The chemicals? It’s a f***ing scooter man the battery [caught on fire]” whilst a Transport for London spokesperson added:


“We completely understand how worrying it was for our” customers and staff when an e-scooter caught alight on a train.


“Emergency services attended Parsons Green station and the e-scooter was removed at the first opportunity.”


“While incidents like this are very rare, we take safety on the network extremely seriously and are undertaking a full review, which includes liaising with the London Fire Brigade.”


“It is forbidden to ride e-scooters at stations or on trains, and failure to comply with this by-law is a criminal offence. E-scooters may currently be carried but must be folded for the entirety of the journey.”


As reported previously in The Steeple Times on multiple occasions, e-Scooters are a danger in many other senses to both those using them and those that get in their way on both pavements and roads. It is time to finally ban these blessed, dangerous nuisances. E-scooters belong nowhere except in scrapyards.


Pictured top: The aftermath of the e-scooter explosion at Parsons Green on 1st November 2021.


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  • The people using these devices are simply MORONS and they deserve their fates. More of them will die and frankly they will not be missed by me or others. I was nearly knocked down by one the other day on the pavement and I shouted at the moron on it and he didn't even make an attempt at an apology. I could have been injured or killed.


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