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Down Balling

Publicity seeking 24-year old Russian brat with a passion for crystal covered cars tones down


In the summer of 2014, a Russian student named Daria Radionova hit the headlines after covering a 2011 Mercedes-Benz 350 CLS 350 – a car typically used by limousine service companies rather than by high rollers – in one million Swarovski crystals.


At the time, Knightsbridge based Miss Radionova bragged about how “everyone is taking pictures of it” but also moaned that the Daily Mail hadn’t estimated the car’s worth correctly. She later tried to sell the car on eBay – with a percentage going to charity – and though it reached a top bid of £154,600, she actually kept the car until September 2016.


Now, the 24-year old has a new ride. Spotted by a reader in Walpole Street, Chelsea, it appears Miss Radionova has opted for something that could provide a little more understated. This time she’s wrapped a Bentley in a mat grey scheme and given ‘BA11 BYY’ just a few crystals on its bonnet and roof.


#Classy #NotClassy


Daria Radionova with her previous car, a Swarovski crystal clad 2011 Mercedes-Benz 350 CLS 350

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