Put a Bloody Bin in it!

“Waste expert” Henley-on-Thames deputy mayor resigns over ding-dong over a decision about 22 new ‘heritage’ bins; two of the bins are remarkably solar powered and in total are set to cost a staggering £19,000.

“Waste expert” Henley-on-Thames deputy mayor resigns over ding-dong about a decision over 22 new ‘heritage’ bins; two of the bins are remarkably solar powered and in total are set to cost a staggering £19,000

Last October, we featured a ritzy Christie’s auction where five secondhand waste bins sold for the astounding sum of £33,900. God knows who the rubbish loving buyer was, but if they’re looking to contribute to a local community, Henley-on-Thames has been having a bit of a ding-dong over its bins since October 2020.


Featured this week on the Facebook group ‘Angry People in Local Newspapers’ and in the Henley Standard and Henley Herald newspapers also, the now widely told tale of “Henley’s 9/11” meets “Bingate” (as it has been branded) provides illustration of how small-minded busybodies can cost a community a fortune and divide its occupants.


Concerning the plainly much discussed matter of what to replace 22 ‘heritage’ litter bins in the town with, “The Great Henley Bin Scandal” descended into chaos last week when councillors argued over whether to buy new, larger bins or refurbish existing old ones. The first costly proposal, which was ultimately accepted by five votes to three, was set to cost £19,000 whilst the alternative would have come in at just £6,000.


Of this dirty and somewhat dastardly saga, self-declared “expert about waste in Henley” councillor and deputy mayor David Eggleton – a gobby grandad who runs a house clearance and removals business as well as having “been in many popular soaps” as an actor – whimsically whined to the Henley Herald:


“I think the report was misleading and taking out the option of refurbishing is not democracy. I have the knowledge and expertise around waste and they are not listening to me.”


“I think a proper survey over 6 months should be carried out on which bins are overflowing and where we need bigger ones. This can be easily done by asking the bin collector to do this, but after we are out of this pandemic.”


“I don’t think it’s the right time to do any trial as there is much more takeaway rubbish at the moment. The other thing we need to address is residents fly tipping their household rubbish in the town’s public bins. I’ve caught people on lots of occasions doing this.”


Concluding about why he’d thrown his toys out of the pram and left the Henley Residents Group (or ‘HRG’ to its few friends), Eggleton “stormed away from his camera” after pathetically blubbing:


“I’ve resigned because a few of the HRG councillors are making me uncomfortable to work with them.”


“I don’t think councillors Miller and Gawrysiak have got the expertise to put those bins where they’ve located them – end of story, leaving the meeting goodbye… And I can tell you something else as well. Just before I leave, I’m resigning from HRG. Okay, goodbye.”


Responding as to why refurbishment was vetoed, another councilor, Sarah Miller, less than optimistically opined: “I believe that the bins have come to end of their life. We could be talking about this again in a year’s time.”


God help the people of Henley-on-Thames if that ludicrously proves to be the conversational case. Instead, we suggest, a complete clear out of councillors might henceforth be the least rubbish solution.


Pictured top: An example of a bin in Henley-on-Thames and rubbish obsessed councilor David Eggleton (right).


The good folk of Henley-on-Thames illustrated their obsession with litter previously in April 2018, in letters to the ‘Henley Standard.’ Headed: “Disgusted by detritus.” one Maureen Dougall angrily wrote: “There should be some supervision of Mill Meadows during the summer in order to prevent this kind of detritus. Charges should be made for this amount of litter collection and people should be made to realise that someone has to pay for all this extra work. It is fine to enjoy everything that Henley has to offer and visitors are to be welcomed, but this should not incur extra work for our public services which are under great financial pressures, notwithstanding the dangers of pollution.”
Reaction to the story on Facebook’s ‘Angry People in Local Newspapers’ group was predictable in rubbishing councillor David Eggleton’s enthusiasm for bins. Group member Will Paddy Paterson remarked: “In years to come your grandchild will be on your knee and might turn to ask you… ‘Grandpa where were YOU during Henley’s 9/11?’ Make sure you stand up for what’s right now, or otherwise you will feel the shame of inaction. Hashtag prayers.”
“The Great Henley Bin Scandal” was much discussed in the group and one Jason Mitchell observed: “Bins seem to arouse very strong feelings among the English.”

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  • How nice it is you made me a star in your lower photo. There am I looking through all the fly tipping for an extra breakfast. I want steak, or even half a left over ham sarnie. I am sure after this publicity that I am going to be in many soaps but hopefully not with that Eggleton character. We have standards.


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