A Range Rover Goes Topless

A Range Rover Goes Topless – Wacky 1972 Range Rover Classic Suffix ‘A’ convertible for sale for £97,500 ($137,000, €111,000 or درهم504,000) through Kensington dealer Graeme Hunt

Wacky 1970s Range Rover convertible for sale for just under £100,000


A truly quirky 1972 Range Rover Classic Suffix ‘A’ that was transformed for ‘topless’ use in Monaco is for sale through Kensington dealers Graeme Hunt.


Featuring a completely removable hood frame, doors with drop down windows and such features a rear step to allow ease of access for female passengers, the car is being marketed as the “ultimate utility vehicle.”


Designed for “family fun on the Promenade de la Croisette, a somewhat punchy sum of £97,500 ($137,000, €111,000 or درهم504,000) is sought for this somewhat bonkers car.


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