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A Beginner’s Guide to E-Commerce


New contributor Lucy Smith shares her thoughts on how to make the most of the world of electronic commerce


Have you been ever considered opening up an online store? Do you have a product or service that you believe will appeal to the general public? If so, the world of E-commerce could represent an excellent opportunity. Still, this term might be entirely unfamiliar or you could be under the misconception that you require a good amount of technical experience to get started. Here, I will dispel these two myths before moving on to taking a quick look at the best software packages on the market today.


The nuts and bolts

So, what exactly is E-commerce? The general definition of electronic commerce is the exchange of goods or services between two online parties. Simply stated, E-commerce is the ways in which you can sell your products to an audience within the online community. Many of the other principles are similar to traditional forms of marketing with a handful of notable differences:


  • You will be spend much less on overheads.
  • You can reach a truly global audience.
  • Numerous payment methods are supported.
  • New and cutting-edge technological innovations are always emerging.


Above all, you will not be required to possess a massive amount of previous experience. If you can build a website from scratch utilising hosting services such as WordPress, you are already halfway there.


The main reason why E-commerce solutions are so attractive is that they will not require nearly as much of an investment when compared to establishing a bricks-and-mortar business. In fact, they also provide a viable alternative if you have been looking for a part-time source of income or a full-time profession. However, one also needs to remember that the best online businesses come as a direct result of choosing strong software foundations. This is why opting for an appropriate e-commerce platform is the first and most important step to consider before establishing oneself online.

A Beginner’s Guide to E-Commerce – New contributor Lucy Smith shares her thoughts on how to make the most of the world of electronic commerce.


The options at your disposal

Anyone who performs a basic Google search using terms such as “best E-commerce services” will be provided with a number of results. The chances are high that you will come across providers such as Shopify Plus and Magento.


I would suggest that Shopify is now becoming the primary tool for the whole spectrum of online businesses. Why has this veritable “Magento migration” occurred? There are a handful of reasons associated with such an interesting paradigm shift. These include:


  • It having the most user-friendly platform.
  • It offering flexible pricing plans.
  • It providing superior levels of customer support.
  • It having fully customisable themes and templates.
  • It offering an easy transition from another third-party service to Shopify.


The hands-on tools found within this bundle are also great if you are hoping to build business over time, as they are entirely scalable.

If you have become frustrated with your current cloud-based E-commerce provider or should you happen to be new to the industry, it pays to perform research well in advance. 2019 could very well prove to be a red-letter year if you are able to implement the correct approaches at the most appropriate times. The future of E-commerce, I suggest, is here.


Lucy Smith is based in Spain and is widely considered an expert in online marketing.


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