Saving Ibex; Stopping Switlyk

Saving Ibex; Stopping Switlyk – Stopping hunting rare ibex in 2021 – As the ‘Guardian’ report on trophy hunters flocking to Sudan to shoot rare ibex, we remind the public to support our petition to put a stop to mentally unhinged ibex slaughterer Larysa Switlyk.

As the ‘Guardian’ report on trophy hunters flocking to Sudan to shoot rare ibex, we remind the public to support our petition to put a stop to mentally unhinged ibex slaughterer Larysa Switlyk

This morning, the Guardian reported that “conservationists fear for endangered Nubian ibex in Sudan as westerners [are] sold permits to hunt” them.


In an article in the paper’s ‘Global Development’ section – which is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – Kaamil Ahmed remarked:

“Sudanese conservationists have accused trophy hunters of exploiting the country’s political transition to hunt the country’s unprotected rare animals.”


“Photographs posted online of westerners posing with the body of a rare Nubian ibex angered Sudanese wildlife campaigners this week. They called for Facebook to remove the pages of tour groups promoting such hunts.”


“While wildlife hunters have long come from the Gulf, Abubakr Mohammad, a biodiversity researcher, has seen a recent trend for western trophy hunters to come too, which he said could be a result of the country being more open to outsiders since the removal of Omar al-Bashir, the former president. Permits for hunting are being given out without sufficient scrutiny, says campaigners.”


Elsewhere, our petition against Larysa Switlyk, a marauding monster with a penchant for killing rare ibex in Krygyzstan, Spain and Turkey, is fast approaching 20,000 signatures. Equally, our second against giraffe slayer Merelize van der Merwe will soon be at 45,000.


If you have not signed, please take a moment to do so and if you have, yet again we kindly request that you share as widely as possible. These reprehensible individuals truly must be stopped.


Pictured top: Larysa Switlyk and an associate posing smugly with an ibex she massacred.


Join the nigh on 44,200 people who have signed our petition seeking to get giraffe slayer Merelize van der Merwe banned from Facebook by clicking here.


Join the nigh on 19,500 people who have signed our petition seeking to get Ibex massacring Larysa Switlyk banned from Instagram by clicking here.


Larysa Switlyk’s delight at killing rare ibex is clear in these photographs. In reality, the snaps simply illustrate a woman who truly belongs in Bedlam.
After murdering a Bezoar ibex in November 2018, wicked wastrel Switlyk took to Twitter to boast about her “dream” coming true. Whilst most would consider this a “nightmare,” 386 fellow psychos pressed ‘like’ on this morally reprehensible tweet.
Last week, Larysa Switlyk took a break from slaying rare ibex and announced on Instagram that “the new hunting trend in Florida” is slaughtering “invasive” iguana. She claimed: “They are also tasty to eat and one can use their skins to make leather goods out of.” She justified herself by arguing: “Iguanas cause damage to the infrastructure of sidewalks.” It’d be interesting to know if she’d also support, perhaps, say, shooting pests on motorised scooters on pavements on the same basis.
In this gruesome 4:04-minute video shared by Donald Trump Jr.’s bestie Larysa Switlyk on YouTube in July 2019, the lover of shoving sex toys up the bums of dead sheep shot a Bezoar ibex and then posed with bits of it. She claimed: “Lots of conservation efforts and government regulations go into managing these ibex,” but neglected to mention that for each one shot, the species moves closer to being wiped out.
In another video, wholeheartedly evil Switlyk declared: “Discover what dreams are made of” in a video about slaying mid Asian ibex in Krygyzstan. In the twisted footage, her first shot failed to kill one unfortunate animal and then after letting it suffer for some time, she childishly giggled over her “awesome” massacre whilst stroking the blood covered beard of her unfortunate victim.


    • On what evidence do you base that opinion. I would suggest it is a very biased over emotional response than a factual considered opinion.

  1. Larysa Switlyk is a New York City Certified Public Accountant turned professional outdoorswoman. She found her passion in 2008 when she booked herself a solo hunt in New Zealand never having shot a rifle before. She realized she had a natural talent for shooting and hunting. At first her family was not fond of her new passion for hunting and criticized her for participating in such a sport. That is when Larysa found the hunting community where she was accepted and realized it was a lack of education and understanding from her family that led to their displeasure. She then made it her mission to change their viewpoint on hunting by educating them. Also, since she found her true passion, she wanted to share that passion and encourage more females and children to get involved in the outdoors. She created her own television show as a vehicle to promote hunting to the general population and inspire others to get outdoors to try it! She figured if she could change her family’s viewpoint on hunting, she could change a lot more peoples’ minds also.

  2. It is a very cruel and bloody way of living outside in the nature, its just killing without respect! Just destroying animals for fun and nice pictures in the social medias.


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