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Shame on The Sun

The Sun deserves to be condemned for their irrelevant ‘tell all’ about Ben Stokes’ family as does the Daily Mail for not correcting their inaccurate stories about James Stunt

The Guardian’s editorial mocking David Cameron’s ability to grieve was rightly amended after falling “far short of [their] standards.” That they “apologise[d] completely” was correct, but news this morning that The Sun opted to publish an irrelevant ‘’tell-all’ by Jacqui Dunn, the half-sister of the cricketer Ben Stokes, is nothing but wrong.


Plainly orchestrated with the sole aim of upsetting Mr. Stokes after his summer of success on the pitch, that the rag took the word of a plainly bitter or manipulated by money Ms. Dunn illustrates their lack of a moral compass.


Proof of the irrelevance of Dunn’s account comes in the form of her comment that: “I had absolutely no idea [Stokes’ mother] had another son who became an England cricket star” and also that she stated: “Deb was so angry and traumatised she kicked the coffin at his funeral and I’ve never seen or heard from her since.” Here is somebody whose commentary should indeed have be discounted and here is an example of The Sun’s Nick Parker stooping as low as possible into gutter journalism.


Elsewhere, the fact that James Stunt’s bankruptcy has been completely vacated has found coverage nowhere. That the Daily Mail were so keen to highlight ‘bad news’ about this private citizen – a man who is of utterly no relevance to, say, their readers in Newcastle – was not only disgraceful, it was also without merit for them to turn into a personal campaign of epic viciousness. This paper were happy to publish what they felt could damage him. That, now, when ‘good news’ could be written, they just ignore it is an utter outrage. Shame on them and equally today, shame on The Sun.


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Shame on The Sun – The Sun should not have written about Ben Stokes – The Sun deserves to be condemned for their irrelevant ‘tell all’ about Ben Stokes’ family.
Ben Stokes replied to The Sun on Twitter. His statement had been shared by some 29,000 users wihi less than one hour.


2 comments on “Shame on The Sun”

  1. The Guardian is no better than the Sun. it is easy to apologise after the event the damage is done. Just a pathetic pretentious rag pretending it’s opinion matters!

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