No ‘Scatterlings of Africa’ for Merelize van der Merwe

Merelize van der Merwe’s video accompanied by ‘Scatterlings of Africa’ music of her slaughtering a majestic giraffe is removed from YouTube for copyright infringement

A GOOD NEWS STORY – Bacup, Lancashire born Johnny Clegg OBE (1953 – 2019) was a singer-songwriter best known for mixing modern western vibes with the music of indigenous South African peoples. He was nicknamed ‘The White Zulu’ and after his song, Scatterlings of Africa, reached No. 44 in the UK Singles Chart in February 1983, it featured as a remix on the soundtrack to the 1988 Oscar winning film Rain Man.


More recently in February, after she mercilessly massacred a giraffe after she was given the ‘opportunity’ to kill it as a Valentine’s Day gift by her heartless husband, Merelize van der Merwe decided to use Scatterlings of Africa as the tune to accompany a 1:34-minute video she uploaded to YouTube of the killing.


Fortunately now, after an eagle eyed reader of The Steeple Times contacted Johnny Clegg’s son, YouTube have now intervened and ‘Merelize The Monster’s’ gruesome attempt at self-publicity has been removed on the basis of copyright infringement.


Today, we join those thanking YouTube for acting swiftly and today, again, we remind Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg and ex-Deputy Prime Minister turned Facebook PR honcho Nick Clegg to do the decent thing: Wash the blood from your hands, remove Merelize van der Merwe from your site and send her to social media Siberia.


Join the 44,500 people to have already signed our petition seeking to persuade Facebook to ban ‘public figure’ Merelize van der Merwe from their social media site by clicking here.


‘Scatterlings of Africa’ is a 1982 song by the South African band Juluka. It introduced the music of Johnny Clegg, cofounder of Juluka (meaning “sweat” in Zulu) and Savuka, to Western audiences. According to Wikipedia: “The song’s lyrics have been described as ‘reflecting the myriad dislocations of South African society.’ According to scholar Timothy Taylor, they describe the story of ‘the hungry, the searching, all trying to make a better South Africa.’ … It implies: ‘Everyone is a scatterling, everyone is displaced by apartheid, [everyone] is left without a stable home or identity.’”
Merelize van der Merwe’s gruesome video has quite rightly been taken down by YouTube for copyright infringement. Of it, a reader of ‘The Steeple Times’ remarked: “Just so you know, the video of her killing the giraffe has been taken down on YouTube. I told Johnny’s son about the song and they had it taken down for copyright reasons.” Contacted by ‘The Steeple Times’ directly on Tuesday 30th March via her Facebook page, Miss van der Merwe failed to respond to a request for comment about why she decided to use Johnny Clegg’s music with the permission of his family to accompany her monstrous video.
Elsewhere on Facebook, this monster’s father, Andre van der Merwe, disgustingly responded to those criticising his demonic daughter. He remarked of one critic: “Peter Walder you are a brave f**king idiot. Does it make you feel brave sitting 2,000 miles away and leaving comment about something you can’t comprehend. Come here and say it to her face, so she can beat the living sh*t ou [sic] of you.” Miss van der Merwe added: “Got to love my dad.”
Other recent posts by Merelize van der Merwe have included one about Missouri announcing they will allow black bear hunting and another where she slammed “bleeding hearts.”
Merelize van der Merwe remains a “public figure” at the behest of Facebook’s management. Today, we remind Mark Zuckerberg and Nick Clegg that every day that they allow her to remain, they have blood on their hands and again demand Facebook follow the lead of YouTube and send this massacre loving monster to social media Siberia.



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