Vardy Carrie’s On – Rebekah Vardy Joins #TeamCarrieJohnson

Birdbrained blubber Rebekah Vardy comes out in support of vicious vixen Carrie Johnson; time for a night of Lambrusco, footie and ABBA in Downing Street?

Birdbrained blubber Rebekah Vardy comes out in support of vicious vixen Carrie Johnson; time for a night of Lambrusco, footie and ABBA in Downing Street?

In the completely wasteful ‘Wagatha Christie’ defamation case, Rebekah Vardy succeeded in scoring many an own goal and now it seems this hapless harridan has kicked herself further into the quagmire in returning to social media to offer up compliments the Prime Minister’s pugnacious puppet mistress, Carrie Johnson.


Revealed yesterday by The Spectator’s ‘Steerpike,’ the wife of the lump of lard Leicester striker that is Jamie Vardy responded to an Instagram post by the blithering buffoon Boris Johnson’s wife that featured an image of her and her current husband leaving the Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving last weekend at St Paul’s Cathedral.


Curiously, though the post made no mention of the boos and jeers the couple deservedly received, Coleen Rooney’s rival thought it appropriate to respond and remark: “You look stunning Carrie.” She followed with a heart emoji and “xx” kisses.


Of this ‘Steerpike’ tellingly observed: “It seems that Carrie’s Labour red outfit won her one fan at least… It’s good to see that the controversies of the past haven’t blunted Vardy’s Insta game. Wags of a feather stick together.”


Perhaps the former Miss Symonds might now return the compliment with an invite to her Lulu Lytle clad apartment in Downing Street. Chuck in “the gays” – as she supposedly likes to call her sidekicks that number Henry Newman and Josh Grimstone – and fire up the ABBA and it’ll be time for ‘Partygate Mark II.’ A WAG, after all, can certainly bring plenty of zesty Lambrusco Bianco to get the bash balling-up.


Pictured top – Both women like to wear hats that make them look quite beyond stupid; that Mrs Vardy (left) likes to wear ones that sport messages such as “you can’t handle the truth” to provoke her rival Mrs Rooney speaks volumes as to the nature of her true character.


One would have thought the leading WAG might have decided to take a break from social media after a trial that – win or lose – will cost her and her husband millions. Instead, the Leicester city striker’s wayward wife came out in support of #TeamCarrieJohnson during the Jubilee festivities on Instagram.
As the Prime Minister and his wife arrived at and left last Friday’s Jubilee Service of Thanksgiving event, they were met with jeering. It illustrated how hated they truly are and it is most certainly indication that it is time for them to go. With polls predicting a “very heavy loss” in the Wakefield by-election to Labour and a loss also to the Liberal Democrats in Tiverton, perhaps his spouse might persuade Rebekah Vardy to join them on the campaign trail. It’d certainly be yet another own goal given just 3% of respondents to a poll by ‘The Steeple Times’ thought the Leicester City striker’s wife was the person coming out best in the ‘Wagatha Christie’ libel case.
43% of respondents to our poll in May believed Coleen Rooney to be coming out of the libel case best whilst 49% thought it was the judge in the matter, The Hon. Mrs Justice Steyn, who had triumphed. The agitator in the matter, however, was clearly the one seen to have done worst by allowing this matter to escalate as far as it has.
Henry Newman (left) and Josh Grimstone (right), the PM’s wife’s besties, could be brought in to help get any party started. The former is known for his love of ABBA and the latter could even persuade their dear mate Michael Gove to join in also.
Coleen Rooney (left) would most definitely not make the guest list of any party attended by Mrs Vardy (right), however.

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