Pitiful Anderson and Priti Awful Patel

Priti Patel football

Nikolay Kalinin slams Home Secretary Priti Patel and fellow Tory twerp Lee Anderson MP over their off-pitch antics over tonight’s football final

It seems that certain Conservative MPs have decided to abandon all sense of reason and intelligence given their recent comments about the England team and UEFA 2020.


A few weeks ago, Home Secretary, “snitch” and “neighbour from hell” Priti Patel spoke out against England players taking the knee at matches as “gesture politics” and stated that fans had the right to boo the players for their actions. Now, however, “hypocrite” Patel done an about turn and begun posting tweets congratulating England’s recent wins. In other words, she began participating gesture politics; not surprising behaviour for such a dogmatic deviant.


Meanwhile, fellow Tory MP Lee Anderson has gone even further, announcing that he will be boycotting the England team by not watching any of the matches because of the gesture. He stated: “For the first time in my life I will not be watching my beloved England team whilst they are supporting a political movement whose core principles aim to undermine our very way of life.”


I am not certain if Anderson knows this, but the values of BLM – which popularised the ‘taking-the-knee’ gestures – are among others: empathy, diversity, globalism and generally creating a better environment for black people. In other words, Anderson stands against the values many people within the government – including the Prime Minister – claim to be promoting.


In both cases, the Internet reacted about as calmly as you can expect, with LBC host James O’Brien telling Priti to “pick a side”, while Labour even launched a petition asking Anderson to not watch the finale on Sunday. They urged him to keep up his “pathetic one-man boycott for one more game” and “stay away, do the housework, watch Midsomer Murders, anything.”


As you might expect, our Prime Minister has also decided to adopt Patel’s strategy of being all patriotic and supportive of England’s team – which he made obvious by hanging England flags all over 10 Downing Street – while also stating in an interview on LBC that he “doesn’t believe in gestures.” Should we also talk about that one time he stood in front of a red bus with a logo promoting £350 million for the NHS, which Patel also did?


I can understand why many people are upset over the England team taking the knee and seeing it as “gesture politics.” However, if you are a politician stating that you don’t like gesture politics while doing that same thing, that shows that you don’t care about honesty and instead trying to capitalise on a trend simply for your own gain. In turn, perhaps the idea that you should not be involved in politics should enter the heads of these hairbrained twerps surely.


Pictured top: Priti Patel tweeted an image of herself cheering on the English team after having previously had a pop at the players over their “taking the knee.”


Priti Patel tweeted an image of herself cheering on the English team after having previously had a pop at the players over their “taking the knee.”
Naturally, the Home Secretary decided to talk to right wing rant show ‘GB News’ about her views on footballers “taking the knee.” When asked if England fans had a right to boo she responded saying “that’s a choice for them, quite frankly.”



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