Monster of the Moment – Priscilla Magana

Monster of the Moment – Priscilla Magana – Bear butchering barbarian bitch and slutty sportswear seller Priscilla Magana should be banned from social media; this Trump supporting monster and bestie of Larysa Switlyk instead belongs in the nuthouse.

Bear butchering barbarian bitch and slutty sportswear seller Priscilla Magana should be banned from social media; this Trump supporting monster instead belongs in the nuthouse

If you thought Larysa Switlyk was barbaric and bloodthirsty, meet Donald Trump supporting trashbag knicker retailer Priscilla Magana.

Whilst the former has a brain that plainly got bashed with the very same sex toy she rammed up the arse of a sheep, the latter not only also goes around shooting bears; Magana somehow also finds time to help run a supposedly “successful” sports underwear manufacturer, WSI Sportswear, with her husband Joel Wiens.

Priscilla Likes to Pose – “There’s just something about winter in a cozy fur coat!” she announced on Instagram in February; with her husband Joel Wiens on their wedding day and with a turkey she’d shot.
Bear Butchering Barbarian Bitch – Priscilla Magana poses with an ‘Idaho Spring Black Bear’ and expresses her “gratitude” after she “harvested” it. “Memories that will last a lifetime,” this evil woman remarked in June 2020.

In business for 30 years according to CBSN Minnesota, whilst “cozy fur coat” wearing Magana’s firm “makes clothes for big league and college sports teams,” she also finds time to massacre alligators, billy goats and turkeys even.


Sadly, ‘Maniac Magana’ also finds time for “rolling around in the mud” in New Zealand with Switlyk for snaps with “feral goats.” In one shot posted to Instagram, this madwoman even goes as far as to term one she’d slayed: “What a Boss!” She then bragged about “stalking” the slowest-and-stupidest-creatures-on-the-planet, sheep, also.


A “sickened citizen,” whom submitted information about this lunatic to The Steeple Times by email, remarked:


This is absolutely disgusting, this woman is going around bragging about killing a bear. And then she talks about how she has a deeper connection to life by taking a life!


Totally unbelievable… And her whole Instagram account is full of these sick pictures.


She is the owner of WSI Sports clothing brand, and she advertises the latest fashions alongside these poor defenseless murdered animals! If it’s not enough to take their life, she makes them help advertise her clothing in their death! And she recruits other women to wear her clothing too in front of the animal corpses… Please make this more public so she will be stopped!


She is barbaric!


Here, indeed, in Magana is a butchering bitch of epic proportions and here in WSI Sportswear is a business those colleges and sports teams should respectfully start boycotting. Today, we deservedly name and shame Priscilla Magana as our Monster of the Moment.


#BoycottWSISportswear #BanPriscillaMagana #NameAndShame


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Monster of the Moment – The legwear marketed by Priscilla Magana is as trashy as her sorry, evil self.
Priscilla for POTUS – On 15th June this year, Magana declared: “Happy Birthday POTUS” alongside hashtags including #freedomisntfree.
As You Don’t – In May 2019, Magana reminisced about a “DIY hunt” of a billy goat “in their back yard.” It was “worth every drop of sweat and effort,” she stated before adding: “I’m extremely grateful for these chicas, they are the real deal.”
Agitating Alligators – Priscilla Magana posed with “two big dinosaurs” she’d killed in October 2018. “Man o man we Gator done,” she enthused.
“What a Boss!” (NOT) – Larysa Switlyk supposedly spent time “rolling around in the mud” to capture this shot in July 2018. What a horrendous thought.
“Unique to New Zealand” (and killed by Priscilla Magana) – “Some call it the rasatafari ‘Bob Marley sheep’ and I can see why!” enthused this moronic massacring moron in July 2018. “The anticipation, the nerves… The feelings… Bursting out,” she disgustingly gushed.
“The best birthday party I’ve ever been invited to” – Priscilla Magana ‘celebrates’ an “incredible moment together” with Larysa Switlyk in June 2018.


  1. Send the filthy hoe Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll have her over my knee and I’ll knock some discipline into her bottom!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The husband looks like a waste of time —– I’ll sort her out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Little madam needs a dose of Uncle Rod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I suspect she needs therapy. I suspect she could have been abused as a child.

    Her husband looks insane also. Who on earth would wear an orange bow tie to their wedding?


  3. She needs to find a safe space. I suspect someone may have abused her in the past so she is taking it out on innocent animals. If she reads this, I would suggest Priscilla goes to her nearest refuge urgently.

  4. Tie her to a tree in a wood full of bears. Smear her in honey and see what happens next. Put a camera on that and let the piggy squeal.

  5. God, she is one sick puppy, shit, I better not mention puppies, she might decide to make a trench coat out of their hides, yes Cruel Deville does spring to mind with this sick bitch.

  6. What a disgusting piece of sh*t of a human being. And I don’t believe that nonsense of being abused as a child, having mental issues or whatever – that gives her a reason not to take accountability for her actions. She’s just evil.

  7. Barbaric in every sense of the word! This evil fame hungry bitch and her likeminded Ponce of a husband should be boycotted in all matters. NOBODY should support them by buying their blood drenched sportswear! Anyone with any compassion realises what this Witch is about. SHE WANTS FAME AT ANY COST. Let’s hope that she encounters a Bear that bears a grudge to her murderous ways and helps himself to an orgy with them both!!!!!

  8. You are excrement. Priscilla is conserving by killing. And she eats it all including the bear steaks. Get with the picture. The bear deserved to die.

  9. I support Priscilla. She is saving the bears by shooting them you ignorant idiots. Creating places to hunt them means jobs and sports and you should be thanking her.

  10. She supports Trump and she kills bears She needs the electric chair. Actually, that is too good for the bitch! Put bags of stones on her and Switlyk and chuck them to the alligators.

  11. Priscilla is a beautiful human. A beautiful human. And the bear is a killing devil. It kills and is evil. Understand reality – Priscilla killed it for us all, for us all.


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