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Lockdown Lunacy

Aleks Walker examines what famous folk have been doing at home during the coronavirus lockdown and identifies some quite bizarre examples

If spending most of the day at home during these strange times was sending you a bit stir crazy, you are not alone. There are only so many times we can play video games, watch Netflix, listen to the Queen and clean the bathroom.


It is not just us mere mortals who are doing things at home we usually wouldn’t; even the rich and famous are finding themselves occupying their time doing things that are odd or a bit strange.


Famous folk have transformed from Instagram-posting and blackjack playing celebrities into your wacky next-door neighbour. So, what have they been up to during the COVID-19 lockdown?


A meal with Arnie

What Arnold Schwarzenegger eats has always fascinated guys and gals with a desire to stay buff and muscular. However, his mealtimes have recently received more views because of his unique guests. Instead of settling down to dine with friends and family, he opted for two lockdown dinner guests that were not whom you’d expect – his two ponies. ‘The Governator’ actually then shared a meal with these ponies – and he looked happy while doing it.


Loo roll kick-ups

Lots of elite footballers have been challenging each other with keepy-ups without a ball. Instead, they are doing kick-ups with lavatory rolls. The challenge spread further than the Premier League and recognised pundits such as Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville though – even singers like Olly Murs tried to get in on the action,. He actually didn’t do too badly either and managed a total of ten. 


Cardi B gives a new take on Jenga

Jenga is a harmless family-friendly game, but not when Cardi B plays it. She recently posted a video onto her Instagram of her running into a tower of Jenga blocks; and this was her only on the third day of being stuck at home. The whole video appeared to be somewhat pointless and simply a way of trying to grab social media attention. Next time, she might do better to just bake a cake.


The tea bag challenge

What could be more British than having a cuppa and waiting for this strange period to come to an end? Some personalities have been creating another challenge to pass the time. It is just as odd, but a little more inclusive to those not technically gifted with a ball. Some personalities have been trying to throw their tea bags into their mugs from vast distances. Perri Kiely started the challenge, but others got involved, including Alex Bowen from Love Island, who then created his version – again with a bog roll and a bin.


In conclusion, I’d suggest some things are best not tried at home. You could always read a book or just watch the latest Sky box set series instead.


Aleks Walker is an enthusiast for the wacky, weird and wonderful.


Facebook: @TheSteepleTimes

Instagram: @TheSteepleTimes

Twitter: @SteepleTimes




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