Moron of the Moment – Larysa Switlyk

Moron of the Moment – Sheep shooter Larysa Switlyk – “Bitch of the first order” Larysa Switlyk takes to Instagram during the coronavirus lockdown to brag about her latest massacres; this moronic monster previously paid to shoot sheep in England.

“Bitch of the first order” Larysa Switlyk takes to Instagram during the coronavirus lockdown to brag about her latest massacres; this moronic monster previously paid to shoot sheep in England

Blood thirsty bimbo and all-round abhorrent American Larysa Switlyk charmlessly announced: “I feel classy and preppy in [European] clothing” on Instagram at the height of the coronavirus lockdown whilst posing in a forest with a rifle. “Who does this stupid slapper think she is? Rambo?” was one quite spot on observation, yet beneath it all one has to remember this is a foolish freak who goes after endangered species and then brags about wiping them out.


Aside also from dimwittedly being asked by one of her followers, a [plainly not very switched on] “success coach… guess that’s it for now” named Dante Cornella: “Are the firearms restrictions a challenge there?” another suggestively stated: “OK Larysa, then come to Kosovo for the hunt? Kosovo is in Europa [sic], I’m waiting for it eagerly, because there are hunters’ wives here!” There’s something sexual about Switlyk – a bestie of Donald Trump’s elephant slaying sons – massacring goats to these sub-humans, but remember this: Here we have the very same piece of excrement who thought it amusing to shove a sex toy up the arse of a dead sheep she’d paid to stick a round of bullets into in a field in Norfolk, England.


Yesterday, posing with a fellow slayer of anything that crosses its priggish path, Switlyk shared an image of herself and a chum with a dead hog and a dog with blood all around its lips. As ever, beaming like the cat that got the cream and then came back for seconds, this moronic weasel-like wench proudly captioned it with such hashtags as #iamsportsman, #shehunts and #groceryshopping2020 and attracted likes from over 1,500 other mind fucked morons.


“Creating new hunters, one hog at a time” continued Switlyk as her ‘fans’ quivered “I’m jelly!” and “supperr [sic] beautiful hunter.” Here, in their quagmire of cretinism, these people delight in meaningless massacre. For them, it’s not about shooting to provide sustenance, instead it’s about shooting for selfies and shooting for ‘stardom’ (as if anyone sane would want to become famous for such abhorrent activities). These pillocks deserve to be called out for what they truly are and Larysa Switlyk deserves to be put in the stocks and pelted with rotten tomatoes. Meet our Moron of the Moment – Most definitely one of the most vile specimens currently polluting our planet.


Pictured top: Gloating garbage Larysa Switlyk on an estate in Norfolk after she paid to shoot a sheep and shove a sex toy up its bum; Larysa Switlyk during the coronavirus lockdown trying to look like a Von Trapp with a rifle.


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Bloody brainless – Switlyk posing after “creating new hunters, one hog at a time” with a brain-dead bint with a spear. She did not mention whether she shoved the spear pictured up anything’s ass.
As you don’t – Larysa Switlyk boasted in April about killing 12 goats. She got a photo opportunity as a result with nine other monsters.
Mental case par excellence – Sick-in-the-head Larysa Switlyk has previously slain peacocks and bears.


  1. She is one sick puppy, and how the hell does she get a licence to carry firearms, particularly in countries outside of gun toting USA. What the hell is going on in that crazy mind of hers? There seems to be some sort of sexual conentation with her hunting exploits. I hope she stays where she is, as Rodders would say, we don’t want her sort down under.

  2. Send her Down Under and I’ll stick something up her sorry behind!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’ll enjoy that very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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