Ban the InstaKiller

Ban the InstaKiller – Larysa Switlyk must be banned from Instagram – Wolf slaying ‘InstaKiller’ Larysa Switlyk disgracefully remains on Instagram in spite of campaign to remove her going viral.

Wolf slaying ‘InstaKiller’ Larysa Switlyk disgracefully remains on Instagram in spite of campaign to remove her going viral on

On 11th September, Matthew Steeples of The Steeple Times started a petition calling for the removal of bear and wolf massacring monster Larysa Switlyk’s Instagram ‘blue tick’ verified badge and, better still, her account entirely.


In the time since, over 3,630 people have already signed, yet still shover-of-sex-toys-up-the-bums-of-dead sheep ‘InstaKiller’ Switlyk continues to post shamelessly and freely on the site. Why, one has to ask, do Instagram continue to allow this extremely offensive content to pollute their medium?


Amongst updates posted in the time since are offensive images of this evil woman posing whilst on a chamois and wolf ‘hunt’ in Macedonia and another asking: “What is your go to knife?”


Clearly indicative of her and her followers deranged mental statuses – especially at a time when knife crime is so sadly prevalent – in response to one follower revealing: “I could go broke buying knives,” Switlyk distastefully answered: “You and me both!”


We again ask readers to please sign the petition to ban Larysa Switlyk by clicking here and that you all also please share as widely as possible.


Thank you.


Pictured top: Larysa Switlyk with two of her ‘kills’ this month, a wolf and a Balkan chamois and with a knife she is promoting as part of a competition. Why does Instagram allow this vile content sharer to continue? #ShameOnInstagram


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Ban the InstaKiller – In a post yesterday, this distinctly un-ladylike lunatic asked: “Who would be interested in a ladies waterfowl hunt?”
Ban the InstaKiller – Larysa Switlyk has previously shared images online of herself with a sex toy she inserted into the arse of a sheep she’d shot in England and in countless shots with wolfs she’d slayed.


  1. Leave Larysa alone. She has done no harm and she is innocent just like Rolf Harris. You Sheeple People should celebrate Larysa doing what she did with a sheep. You are fake news and Larysa and Rolf are great people.


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