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Casino Calimities

Gambling enthusiast Rik Snuiverink highlights some calamities caused by the rich and famous in casinos

Everyone enjoys a night out at the casino from time-to-time. Regardless of the games you play and whether you win or lose, there’s no better destination for those who like an opportunity to spend fun times with friends. Most of us accept the old adage that “the house always wins” and expect to walk away with less money than we started with. But any good night out is going to set us back a few quid – why should this be any different?


Playing with online casino bonuses vs  playing in a land casino

If we were just interested in trying to beat the house, we wouldn’t venture outside at all. We’d simply log on to a site like, and play from our sofas. Of course, we would be looking for the platforms that offer the best online casino bonuses, to give the blind goddess of luck a little help.

The attraction of stepping into a high class casino is getting dressed up to the nines, ordering a cocktail and generally feeling like we have joined the celebrity set. However, as the following cautionary tales prove, celebrities and casinos can be a dangerous and expensive combination.


Floyd Mayweather lost his money as well as his mind

We all know boxers can be a little eccentric. Whether it’s a natural consequence of making a living through being punched repeatedly in the head is hard to say, but the likes of Frank Bruno and Chris Eubank definitely have their own peculiarities. However, Floyd Mayweather Junior seems to revel in his reputation for being as mad as a bucket full of frogs, especially in his gambling habits. For example, in 2013, he put $13 million on the Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl. They lost.


Four years later, Mayweather earned a rumoured $350 million from one of the most hyped and least interesting fights in recent years. He then set about spending it as quickly as possible. After splurging $18 million on a watch, he went on a gambling and sports betting binge in Vegas. Insider rumours are that he managed to accumulate some $50 million in gambling debts and this is the chief motivation for him potentially coming out of retirement for approximately the 105th time for “one last fight” against Manny Pacquiao.


Charlie took the Sheen off his marriage

Take a look at Charlie Sheen’s life and career and you might reasonably assume his ambition is to be the next Oliver Reed. As well as the drinking, womanizing and general celebrity mischief-making, however, Charlie just loves betting on the football, and any other sport that happens to be on.


No fiver on the Patriots to beat the Dolphins here, however. Sheen wagered and lost around $2.5 million during his brief period of marriage to Denise Richards. Arguably, the marriage only lasted as long as it did because Charlie spent more time at the Vegas sport books than he did in his marital home, spending $200,000 every week on his wagers.


Every night was casino Knight for Gladys

Hollywood has given casinos something of a masculine image, in which the role of the ladies is to look on, all doe eyes and cocktail dresses, while the James Bonds and Danny Oceans of the silver screen do their thing. Anyone who has spent time around the tables knows the truth is entirely different, and you’ll generally encounter a pretty even mix of men and women having a flutter.


That inclusivity extends to celebrity losers, and around the turn of the millennium, they didn’t come much bigger than soul diva Gladys Knight. In her tell-all autobiography, she admitted spending around $40,000 every evening at the baccarat and blackjack tables. She never kept count of her total losses, but conservative estimates place them at about $5 million.


Rik Snuiverink is a gambling enthusiast with a particular passion for roulette.


Facebook: @TheSteepleTimes

Instagram: @TheSteepleTimes

Twitter: @SteepleTimes



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