Cash, Rocket and a Madam

Cash, Rocket and a Madam – Why won’t the Cash & Rocket ‘charity’ answer a simple question about their past participant, the madam to a paedophile Ghislaine Maxwell? Will Ghislaine Maxwell be participating this year?

Why won’t the Cash & Rocket ‘charity’ answer a simple question about their past participant, the madam to a paedophile Ghislaine Maxwell?

Last year, prior to disappearing off the face of the planet in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein-Prince Andrew scandal, Ghislaine Maxwell participated in the Cash & Rocket London-Monte Carlo ‘charity’ car rally in an Alfa Romeo.


Featuring a selection of the vain and the vacuous, amongst them  Chloe Green – daughter of the alleged abuser and “cross between Al Capone and Shylock” Sir Philip Green – and self-declared “hey ho, I can’t help if they think I’m fabulous” Caroline Stanbury, this “marketing platform” founded by Julie Brangstrup meaninglessly claims to “unite us all through female empowerment and solidarity.”


Last week, when Cash & Rocket posted on Instagram about their next rally, we quite reasonably asked: “Will Ghislaine Maxwell be attending?” We received no response and so when they posted about their International Women’s Day lunch, we posed the same again. An answer, no doubt, will be as likely as finding ‘Bouncing Bob’s’ daughter riding Shergar the racehorse off into the sunset with Elvis Presley.


Pictured top: Ghislaine Maxwell and the Alfa Romeo that she co-drove in the 2019 Cash & Rocket rally with Annette Mason, wife of the Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason.


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The Steeple Times asked Cash & Rocket (twice): “Will Ghislaine Maxwell be attending?” of their events in 2020. We have yet to receive any form of response.
Ghislaine Maxwell participated in the 2019 Cash & Rocket London-Monte Carlo rally. The ‘charity’s’ website no longer features mention of ‘Captain Bob’s’ daughter, but previously showed an image of her alongside Annette Mason as entrants. It seems that they raise nothing.
Ghislaine Maxwell was pictured at the Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner at the 2019 Cash & Rocket rally launch event. She wore sunglasses to no doubt hide herself. It is one of the last images of her in over a year now.


  1. This charity should own up. How much money did they take from Ghislaine Maxwell? Remember this – Her father was bankrupted and her fortune subsequently was supposedly given to her by Jeffrey Epstein. It is thus DIRTY MONEY and the MONEY OF A PAEDOPHILE. I hope Cash & Rocket have cut all associations with this VILE DESTROYER OF YOUNG WOMEN’S LIVES. She has nothing to do with female empowerment, she’s got more to do with female imprisonment.

  2. Shame on Cash & Rocket – just looks a bunch of entitled women making a prat of themselves as usual. Especially Caroline Stanbury and Paris Hitlon.

  3. Just a pack of slags, look at me, look at me just wanting to be seen under the guise of a charity ffs. Can somebody please explain why it is so hard to find Maxwell? This bitch needs to be taken in and questioned at length about her dealings with Epstein and HRH. The whole thing is a bloody joke and no consolation for his and her victims.

  4. One has to wonder about the justice system in this country , because there are 70,000 child in London that turn up at school each day having not had breakfast according to the Felix trust ! I want to feed children not help women !


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