Beavering at Ascot

A £25,000 top hat suitable for a gent who wants to stand out at Royal Ascot


Royal Ascot is upon us and just as 51,000 bottles of champagne are readied for drinking, the Brit who won Friday’s £93.3 million EuroMillions jackpot might do well to follow The Tout’s tips and see if Lady Luck could deal yet another win. If this new-found multi-millionaire fancied a trip to the course, they could splash out and buy a rare white gold beaver fur top hat.


The white gold beaver fur top hat is for sale for £25,000


Made by Christys’ of London circa 1840, the hat is described as being “in perfect condition for its age” and a “truly exquisite piece”. It comes with its original cardboard box and a letter of provenance and is listed for sale for £25,000 by Oliver Brown of Lower Sloane Street.



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    • A chap otherwise wearing full fig for Royal Ascot, would look completely out of place wearing this strange hat. A pleasant shape, but otherwise more suited to a Dickensian footpad. Only Martin Ellis Jones would dare sport such a bizarre covering!

      • I did contact Martin and others about featuring their hats also for Ascot but sadly didn't hear back from them. I know how busy everyone in that world must be at this time. I hope they all have a wonderful time and that the champagne flows and that the sun shines.

    • It's a monstrous looking thing. I assume, in those days, it was worn by some parvenu fellow....
      I can see Jackthelad wearing such an item

    • Matthew........remiss of me - sorry but am rather cheered up to see this hat, as we have a similar - probably rather better - top hat that was on the Royal visit to Canada and the United Sates 1868

      The Prince of Wales went with his retinue; all of whom had New York made gold beaver stovepipe hats, which you can easily see if you Google Edward V11 and scroll down ........see the Prince of Wales and his equerries posing in front of hat has charm and I am thrilled to have a pacemaker in the Ascot ' Gold Top Hat Stakes ' .........let the good times roll

      If one puts ' Style like nowhere else ' into Google it should settle Glenmore's dilemma as to acceptable dress code on the hallowed lawns - oddly, its about the only thing I get correct

    • I am sure certain people of low breeding might admire the taste of the ghastly German, Edward V11

      • I see old Mr Grumpy Wumpy is out spitting venom as per. Where's your sense of humour Mr Wayde? I'm sure you must have had one once.

    • The problem is that my sense of humour is somewhat more developed than others: for example, you might enjoy Les Dawson whereas I would find rather lumpen.

    • Martin posted a photograph on Facebook of him and his son wearing magnificent toppers. Mine is well~polished and similar, but sadly is rather less splendid. I shall sport it at Ladies Day today. Wish me luck!

    • Incidentally Martin, I face no dilemma as to 'acceptable dress' in the Royal Enclosure. I have been attending the meeting for decades and think I've just about got the hang of it.

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