Vladislav Doronin (Владислав Доронин, also known as “Vlad Doronin”)

Once termed “Russia’s answer to Donald Trump”, billionaire Vladislav Doronin is the chairman of the Capital Group. He describes himself as “an international businessman and philanthropist with world-class credentials in commodity trading, real estate development and luxury hospitality” and represents “a new generation of rich Russians who don’t want to be seen to be aggressive… want to be low-profile… who have learned a lot and now want to enjoy their lives”. Aside from being one of Russia’s prime property tycoons, Doronin owns a stake in “the hotel group of choice for the super-rich” Aman Resorts and dated Naomi Campbell between 2008 and 2013. In London, he lives in One Hyde Park and outside Moscow, he owns a dacha designed by Zaha Hadid.


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