The Rt. Hon. Theresa May MP

She called the Conservative Party the “Nasty Party” in a speech in 2002 and now Theresa May makes for a pretty nasty Prime Minister herself. Gaffe prone May failed to appeal to the police in May 2012 when they heckled her at the Police Federation conference and was too busy hosting a party with Lady Meyer later that month to deal with problems at Britain’s borders. Ken Clarke once described her as “childlike”, Joan Collins has made a fool of her on Twitter and it is for dressing like Worzel Gummidge that this hectoring vicar’s daughter is known best. Please, someone, just shoe her out.




  1. I knew you’d re-emerge Mr McLoughlin. For once, I find myself agreeing with your sentiments. Mr Bone speaks fondly of Mrs May’s activities in the House often.

    • Gillian Castle has got it completely wrong.
      Theresa May is the woman of the year. New Labour Party’s Harriet Harman as a newly qualified solicitor became legal officer for the National Council For Civil Liberties, it was affilliated to NCCL, known as the Paedophile Action For Liberation.
      That in my opinion is embarrassing.

      • Ms May also spends much time with the dreadful Lady Meyer. Her choice of friends speaks volumes. That she hosted a party in Downing Street for that woman (who the Telegraph once described as “the Chanel-clad”) is enough for me to dislike her. Instead of worrying about shoes and hanging around with other clothes horses, May should get serious.

        • I agree, she’s really going to have to pull her finger out, otherwise Nigel Farage is going to eat her and David Cameron for breakfast in 2015.

  2. Nigel Farage and the United Kingdom Independence Party can’t do any worse than the Conservatives and the New Labour party, Liberal Democrats are a waste of space, at least with Nigel Farage we are guaranteed a referendum on the European Union. Theresa May was always all mouth, no action. Food for thought.

  3. Theresa May plots “European Court of Human Rights” exit. Now thats more like it.
    Nick (Pinocchio)Clegg says he will veto such a move. He is still boasting that he has slept with 25 women. His only achievement thus far.

  4. Lord Rennard believes that he is a victim of malicious gossip within the Liberal Democrat Party. The idea of him being a predatory sex pest is ridiculous and laughable, the sensationalised reporting by the tabloids are disgraceful and a deliberate attempt to sabotage and put Liberal values in a bad light. Nick Clegg will vouch for him.
    Theresa May has a fat chance of achieving any of her goals with partners as the above. Maybe a piss-up in a brewery is more realistic.

    • Rennard is avery ugly man who uses his position of power to sexually attack those less empowered.
      He should be castrated like a farm animal….

  5. Nick Clegg chooses London Oratory, not your avarage comprehensive for his eldest son Antonia.
    London Oratory, a strict Catholic School with fewer children from deprived families.
    Clegg the Liberal supports busing and oppose school selection for the children of us ordinary little people.
    The Liberal Elite send their children to private and parochial schools. He is a snob, and a posh boy.
    Theresa May has bigger balls than Pinocchio and Lord Billy Bunter combined.

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