Steven Berkoff

Steven Berkoff is a titan of the stage and a might with a pen. He’s best known for playing the darkest of characters but in reality he’s charm personified. Berkoff beat Julie Burchill in a libel case in 1996 and finds it “flattering” to play evil characters. He lives on the river in a converted warehouse in Limehouse with his delightful partner, the Danish pianist Clara Fischer, and often sports the snazziest loafers in town.

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  1. As a fan since 1976.This photograph makes me laugh Its Brrrrrilliant.Just because it’s the antithesis of his characters .Seem him playing every villain & psychologically flawed human but this twee 1960’s chocolate box pic is a shock to ones psyche.Of course he has such tenderness.” For every action there is an oppisite& equal reaction .” He is a unique Genius ! ” Lang may his Lum reek”

  2. Been a Fan since 1976.Seen him play villains & Psychologically flawed characters .This 1960’s chocolate box twee pic has just ” done my head in” .This is the antithesis of his characters. However, as a man of course he is more than capable of showing such affection.Extemely warm hearted generous spirited man. Mr Berkoff is a theatre Collosius .” Lang may his lum reek” Thankyou for pic.Made my day.. ..


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