Philip Mould OBE

This renowned art sleuth co-presents BBC1’s Fake or Fortune? with Fiona Bruce. From his Mayfair dealership, Philip Mould is best known for having discovered works by Thomas Gainsborough as well as some particularly fine Tudor portraiture. He lives in Kensington, London and in a “miniature manor” named Duck End in Oxfordshire. Mould supported the campaign against Scottish independence in 2014 and claims what irritates him most are “militant bores”. This eBay lover’s first car was an Austin Allegro.


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  1. My god….what a pose of a position. Hand limply hanging over the arm of his chair as if some aristocrat statesman.
    What comes over people when in front of camera? Such affectation

  2. Philip Mould is one of the most enterprising and innovative of dealers in classic art, as well as a most interesting and charming individual — always nice to see such a person appropriately recognized!


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