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The glitterati

Oliver Rothschild (AKA “The Fake Rothschild”)

Oliver Rothschild (AKA “The Fake Rothschild”)A regular on the party circuit in London, self-described “International Man of Excellence” Oliver Rothschild was exposed by The Telegraph as a “fake Rothschild” in March 2016. Spotted often at the same gatherings as (Baroness) Marie-Claire von Alvensleben, Denis Doble and David Pun, Rothschild was marketed by the Tsinghua University as “a core member of the prominent Rothschild family, a global financial investor, an entrepreneurial strategist and a philanthropist” and the “star attraction” at a business breakfast for the Reignwood Group, owners of Wentworth Golf Course. In reality, whilst his Wikipedia page lists him as an expert in “real estate, IT, entertainment, media, PR, the fine arts and antiques”, others have elsewhere claimed he actually lives a far simpler life in Cricklewood with his mum.



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26 comments on “Oliver Rothschild (AKA “The Fake Rothschild”)”

  1. I remember him and his silly hats. He told he was “massive” in the music business and now I must say I was glad to have taken his remarks with a pinch of salt.

  2. Ha ha ha. I always wondered about Oliver. He is a very charming and very connected man. But of all the years I have known him I never quite knew if he really was from the real banking dynasty. I was not going to go there either as I didnt do any business with him and it is very time consuming to do proper Due Diligence so it is a very interesting read that a major publication has seized the opportunity to bring this to light!. As an old friend once said to me “it all comes out in the wash”!!
    I am yet to see a so called business man fool around with the Russians and live to tell the tale.

    Honesty is the best policy when dealing with high end business.

    Saying that if Oliver is actually doing good by all this then as long as no-one gets hurt then its good luck to him.

    Those that are fooled at that level obviously don’t do the right Due Diligence or can’t be bother by it. Lessons to be learned.

  3. The other very interesting thing is why don’t the real Rothschild family stop Mr Oliver for being a fake at that level. They have the power and money to do this.


    Thank you Matthew for bringing this subject to light.

  4. Well done Matthew ! The man is notorious for crashing parties insisting that he is a ” Rothschild ” and can get very aggressive with the door security. A friend of mine saw him on a bus and he announced he had given had chauffeur a day off and he looked very sheepish . A crazy Walter Mitty.

  5. I don’t suppose the family have rights over the name Rothschild. It is a fairly common Jewish name and Oliver R is as entitled to use it as a banking Rothschild is.
    In any case, it does seem as if he was ‘passing off’.
    It’s actually quite amusing. He looks far more like a bookie than a banker in any case.

  6. I see he conned the vile Reignwood Grp the people who conned members of Wentworth: they must be having a real larf! A karmic experience….no less!

  7. The real Rothschild’s hang out with the Paris Hilton clan, I prefer to be fake, they have money but no class and sophistication. A bunch of tossers.

  8. I have known this gentleman for a very long time. Not once have I ever heard him refer to himself as one of the Banking Rothschilds, in fact when asked I have often heard him reply no. As for living with his mother, she died a few years back. He is very well respected by all who actually know him and I have been privy to many of his good works.

  9. This is becoming a very interesting thread.

    I tell you right now, he is a international con artist man!
    Everyone now knows that he trying to pass himself off as a member of the elite banking family.

    The real Rothschild family should stop this con artist before he dose some real damage to their name “in business”. Even if he has the same name as them it is the fact of the matter of trying to use their family’s name to make a profit!. Have you ever seen him pay a bill? A slurper of the finest Champange but never paying a penny!. Always passing the bills off to someone else.

    Now that he has been exposed, I hope they black list him.

  10. Ha ha ha. I understand my dear Peter. Why am I so angry is because I once got ripped off by him! And it had nothing to do with his name. I was not gullible or impressed by it. I just thought that he was a honourable man with a background. He didn’t pay his bill! Ordering up the Champange and then slipping out the back door! Like a sneaky little rat! Afterwards avoiding me at events that he managed to trick his way in. Ha ha ha. I have to laugh at it all now and lessons have been learned. He is now black listed in my book now. In fact he did me a big favour, if anyone claims to be a close friend of his I will stay away from them too.

    So glad this has all come out now.

  11. I remember this guy from London party scene. Always wore a baseball cap. I couldn’t put my finger on it HR seemed weirdly out of place.

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