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The glitterati

James Gartshore-Boulter

James Gartshore BoulterBorn in 1993, James Gartshore-Boulter describes himself as a “change manager”. The brother of the tennis player Katie Boulter began his career co-founding the ÜGOT chain of eateries with the “online youth broadcaster” Jamal Edwards but has since moved into “leadership consultancy” at a firm in Notting Hill. This sociable sort loves London’s nightspots and is often to be found in the company of such people as the late “King of Soho” Paul Raymond’s granddaughter India Rose James.



17 comments on “James Gartshore-Boulter”

  1. Had the pleasure of working James once upon a time and now he acts as a sort of life coach figure for me. I’ve always really appreciated how he checks up on my progress and always has time for a friendly word of advice. Such a good guy who really deserves his success.

  2. It is very inspirational that there are young people with entrepreneural skills and ambition in our country. “How to succeed in business without really trying”, is my perception of Lord Sugar’s “Apprentice” Lord Sugar sets up the appointments with all the major retail buyers for the candidates, with that kind of help, who can go wrong?

  3. Oh dear….here I go again. Why can’t I just shut up. I think I need to book a ‘change’ session with young James. It might help me to believe that we have a sort of Pitt the Younger here.
    I am sorry, but I struggle to understand how someone barely out of their teens can know much about leadership.
    But, we live in strange times.

    1. Peter… Isn’t age a really simplistic indicator of experience? Especially in the age of ever changing technology? The expression “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” comes to mind here!

  4. He is a sort of a life style coach, it is new age, 21st century shit. It is not based on the dynamics of the management process. He is a life style guru, very popular with the Primrose Hill eccentric cocaine sniffing sorts. All the same, it is a business with good profit making prospects.

    1. Hi Chaim, thought this needed clarifying – I’m definitely not a “lifestyle guru”!
      Currently I am employed by a boutique firm who consult almost exclusively for the executive boards of Fortune 500 companies.
      An example of a current project I am working on would be putting together a new centralised “Information Security Function” at Alliance Boots – the company who own Boots UK & Ireland.
      Hope this brings a little bit of colour to what is a very open ended Job Description!!

  5. Sat here in an airline lounge at Schiphol, I look at others with their trotters in the trough, slurping champagne. Which of them, if any, work for a ‘boutique firm’ I wonder?

    Some could well have attended the recent London Fashion Week judging by their Dutch hippy attire. Would the executive board of a company like Alliance Boots hang on their every word, as opposed to harkening to their supervisory board?

    Would I trust such ‘boutiques’ to ‘put together’ an ‘Information Security Function’?

    BTW is that an ambiguous job description for an individual or a corporate protection system that would guard the security of that organisation from cyber-attack, employee negligence and fundamental ignorance of commercial espionage? Hugely experienced, skilled specialist companies provide these services for corporations against D.O.S. attacks by botnets etc. These companies are hard-nosed fighters in the costly war against cyber warfare, using brilliant technicians, programmers and cryptographers, many experience ex-servicemen.

    I don’t imagine one of them would come from a ‘boutique’. More obfuscating, illiterate business megabollocks, methinks!

    1. I have to agree with Glenmore. I thought this sort of work was much more the line of hardened types working for the likes of Control Risks.

    2. I also agree with Glenmore, Alliance Boots are taking a “Abbott and Costello” approach to Information Security, I do admire the sense of humour of the board of directors. I do recommend the implementation ISO 27001;2013 and certification to gain some credibility.

  6. Information and data security is childs play, simply implement the ISO 27001. I will do it in 3 months. Good luck with your venture.

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