Merlin Holland

The only grandchild of Oscar Wilde, Merlin Holland has spent his life researching the writer and playwright and poet’s life. This Burgundy, France based biographer and editor has put right many misconceptions about his ancestor and is the co-editor of The Complete Letters of Oscar Wilde with Rupert Hart-Davis. Whilst a student at Oxford, Merlin Holland’s son, Lucian, took his great grandfather’s rooms in Magdalen College.


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  1. Oh. I see. People in general are allowed by you, Harry, to write about people who interest them, but their families cannot. Because that would be pathetic. I hope you are not in government with actual power of people’s lives. Whew!

  2. Harry

    My Scott Fitzgerald, Great Gatsby, Nick Caraway standby isn’t a neat fit, but I will use it regardless in this case

    My father once told me ‘ If ever you think of disapproving of anyone, remember that not everyone has had your advantages ‘

  3. Well I think this man is great and I am a big fan of Oscar Wilde. I am sure I have heard of this man before and am going to research what he has written as I think he is very famous here in France too.


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