Hilary Newsom Callan

The president of the San Francisco based hospitality group PlumpJack since 2009, Hilary Newsom Callan is married to the director and producer Geoff Callan. She is the sister of the 42nd Mayor of San Francisco and 49th Lieutenant Governor of California Gavin Newsom and began her career in fashion marketing. Her company’s portfolio numbers the Balboa Café, the MatrixFillmore and the PlumpJack Winery. Somewhat surprisingly this talented marketeer has just 50 followers on Twitter.


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    • Can’t you just say something nice? For once? Please… Do try… Please do try… Please try a little harder if you find it hard. Thank you Peter.

  1. Great in the sense of being a great organizer and money maker I suppose? Which in todays business climate is a great achievement to do nowdays in itself. But not is the same meaning as Alexander the Great.


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