Dr William Shockley (1910 – 1989)

Considered by some a racist, “The father of Silicon Valley” was an American born in London who won the 1956 Nobel Prize in Physics. Stanford professor William Shockley’s attempts to comercialise his transistor design led to him being credited as “the man who brought silicon to Silicon Valley” but by the time he died of prostate cancer he was estranged from most of his friends and family. The children of this staunch advocate of eugenics are reported to have only learnt of his death through the print media.


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  1. He won the Nobel Peace Price in 1956, hardly Dutchman Hendrik Verwoerd architect of apartheid. He comes from a different time and place in history, a different school of thought. He was an achiever,he had a mission and a vision, he was not a drug runner or a London gang member. I cannot see where Hitler comes into all of this…..


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