David Pun

Some websites list him as the “buying director” of Harvey Nichols but their official website curiously fails to include him. This bow tie wearer is often to be found at parties in London but on many an occasion organisers have expressed surprise as to how he got in. There’s even a Twitter account in his honour named “Where’s The Pun?” Of him, the handle suggests that he can found at “any party, anywhere”.



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  1. They say he is someone who tells ‘ l88s ‘. He is f*******n from Harvey Nichols, Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Bonhams, The Park Lane Hotel, the Westbury Hotel….

  2. Do you know who is he?
    He is b****d in several restaurants and clubs as well.
    What does he do for a living?
    People say he is not allowed to go back to his own country.

  3. The g**e c*****r number one! Someone who couldn’t speak english properly! Who is always with the same outfit (very significant for his BOW TIE!).. him and his gang who follow him to c***h p*****s everyday!

  4. It is said that he once himself introduced himself as the world’s greatest g**e c*****r. He has been doing this, of course p***y c******g for the last 30 years. Funnily enough he is spotted often at 7am sleeping&wearing his bow tie in a cafe at Earls Court.

  5. According to people who want to keep the eyes open, he used to introduce himself as ” I am *** “, ” I own *** ” … He is trying to get in any party, anywhere. At any day. You are going to spot him on your party tonight, drinking your champagne and eating your canapé.

  6. According to people who want to keep the eyes open, he used to introduce himself as:
    ‘ I am director of …’
    ‘ I own … ‘
    He is trying to get in any party, anywhere. At any day. You are going to spot him on your party tonight, drinking your champagne and eating your canapé.

  7. Now that you’ve established whether or not this person is trustworthy enough to lend money to. How well do you know him? How often do you communicate with him? Lending money to a friend can be very rewarding, if done wrong, you could end up losing your money. I would not let him borrow any money.

  8. One advantage here is that if your friendship with him is close enough to where he can ask you for money!!! Then you’ll probably already have a good idea whether or not you can trust him to pay you back.

  9. Or perhaps they are wondering why it would be easy to spot him in the crowd.
    ” A man in a bow tie ” .
    At Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonhams they have a folder with the images of him.
    But, he keeps appearing!!

  10. He is an awful person as are his “gang”. The one who nods a lot and lives in Kensington is the only decent one in the bunch and he has the good sense to steer clear of Pun. Where does this man live? We ALL want to know!!!!!

  11. If you contact Harvey Nichols the official Head of Security will forward you a letter denouncing him. The man is a f****. He is no affiliation to Harvey Nichols whatsoever.

  12. What he is ? – He is a professional g********r.
    Pun tells many l**s – He’s b*****d his way into absolutely any event in London – from Birthday Parties, Weddings, Corporate Events and Black Tie Events …
    A bow tie wearing Hong Kong man who has been G**e-C******g more than 30 years in London – He is absolutely d********l and r**e!

  13. He is a f****!
    An associate of mine mentioned only a few days ago that he met Pun at a film premiere, and believes Pun can generate some new business through Pun’s Director status at Harvey Nichols.

  14. Not only is he ‘a world greatest g**e c*****r’, he is also a greatest c***t and l**r ever.
    Hope he should ‘retire’ the day people want him.

  15. L**d-m*****d, U*****h, R**e and D**********l. He has disturbed people enough. On many occasions people have witnessed him being escorted away from events by security staff, after b******g his way in.

  16. David Pun brokering a deal for the sub-letting of Cherie Blair and son Euan’s 1.3 Million Pound bachelor pad.
    Not far fetched at all, she trusted Peter Foster. They still await planning permission from the local council.

  17. We can pardon the “Pun” he is by far not the worse scoundrel in London. The article reminded me of the Blake Edwards comedy “The Party” Peter Sellers portrays a bungling Indian actor trying to make it big in Tinseltown, he is accidentally invited to a lavish Hollywood dinner party. The film is based on a fish out of the water premise, he is a uninvited guest. London has no shortage of Walter Mitty characters.

  18. How could we be blaming him for not having made it big in London ?
    Too many places have banned him already in London !
    How did he got away with g**e-c******g for such a long time ?

  19. I saw him jumping on a number 49 bus once by Green Park. He had a good look around him before alighting. Curious behavior for a Harvey Nichols director. He also used to help himself to my bottles as if he knew me. I assumed he was just an old drunk in a dickie bow. Highly amusing to hear of the general bemusement he causes around town.

  20. David Pun can *** out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and if he ever caught himself telling the *****, he’d *** just to keep his hand in.

  21. David Pun is a master of the art of projecting his personality to the extent of deceiving many a smart and shrewd host with his transparent phoneyness. The joke is not on David Pun.
    David Pun must give George Galloway some pointers, George is highly voluble, and comes across as a bad stage caricature of a commercial traveller. George must subscribe to life long holistic learning. It will stand him in good stead.

  22. Some say he’s also that little Asian guy that goes around selling DVD’s and cigarettes at bars/pubs around Oxford Circus….

  23. The f*cker even managed to gatecrash my private birthday party and blow out my candles before I could. Then proceeded to sing “Humpty Dumpty sat on the Wall”, while everyone else sung “Happy Birthday”

  24. if David pun was ever his real name…..hes the epitomy of whats wrong with this instant celeb culture society in its worst sides ; of his numerous “sad party tricks” (some say) is to chug a gallon of other s people best champagne and not ever throw up; who can still let him get in, him and his motley crue after so many years… if you do you ll only get what you deserve and ruin your own events and reputation by allowing him in

  25. OMG! haha! he randomly came to my house party – and according to David, he is an architect….Hmmm facebook cleanup time? :))))

  26. I met this chap a few years back when Djing at a West End Club. The rumour had already begun.. ‘the owner of Harvey Nichols is here’… I can hardly blame the chap as folk wanted to believe this. He is fine when others are lavishing him with Drinks but when it comes to his turn, watch him scarper

  27. I have been organising events in London for over 10 years and I am always glad to greet him at most of them.
    He is a legend and like many, some love his endurance, some hate his guts, but one cannot deny that he’s got such determination and the join of looking at people’s face when he shows up is priceless.
    Hands down to David from me!

  28. he is Londons biggest **********. Never buys a drink or takes his coat off. He **** out of his back teeth saying hes this ones brother Uncles love child and yet he wears the same old suit and bow tie !!!!!

  29. I like the him – bumped into him Several times – Either at Parties or wondering down one of London’s many streets late at night – Always very polite and a hell of a lot more interesting than most of the people who swan in and out of the London party scene.

  30. As most of his fellow guests are doubtless f*********g I can see quite what he is doing wrong.
    Who is the Indian who describes himself as a prince..

  31. Wasted months when David Pun promised me investment as the cousin to the owner of Harvey Nichols. He ran off with my proposal after months of work.

  32. I met David at London Fashion Week in 2008. I hadn’t a clue whom he was and now I have a clear picture. I too was ****** by David and I even invited the ‘Director of Buying’ to some parties, notably a Snake Serum launch party in Harvey’s itself. I refuse to have anything to do with him and his group including his friends Chris and Elizabeth. The ‘Socialites’ of London. @StevenHoskins

  33. What a ****! DP is nothing other than a ****! I’ve seen this man in action and he’s quite a character….

  34. He was arrested last night outside of Coya, has a few too many fines to pay off and assaulted someone who is now pressing charges against him.


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