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The free spirits

Turki Bin Abdullah (AKA “The Pint-Sized James Stunt”)

Turki Bin Abdullah (AKA “The Pint-Sized James Stunt”)A fan of gold coloured cars, Turki Bin Abdullah is a pint-sized Saudi Arabian equivalent of the porker James Stunt. He has a collection that includes Bentleys, Bugattis, Lamborghinis, Mercedes-Benz G-Wagens, Porsches, Range Rovers and Rolls and is said to be a fan of Manchester United. Bin Abdullah is also partial to racing his vehicles against camels and has over 56,000 followers on Instagram. He regularly shares images of his anything but discreet golden existence with them that would make Lady Docker proud.



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18 comments on “Turki Bin Abdullah (AKA “The Pint-Sized James Stunt”)”

  1. How utterly vulgar. Why not sell the lot and donate the money raised to the plight of the Syrian refugees? He’d win hearts and he’d win minds if he did. I know, of course, he won’t.

  2. I would love you to see this link Matthew . It really should be on your posts as a standalone entry rather than a comment from me, I would like to see these lawbreakers begin to accrue penalty points on their licences, or fines commensurate with the value of the car. That would teach them to stop farting in the mosque. They have no respect at all for the people of this country and convey a bad impression of their own. Daddy should deal with them.

    1. Thank you for sharing. I doubt that Turki Bin Abdullah gives a damn about penalty points and fines as from what I gather, they are not actually ever enforced. The councillor postures but in reality, sadly these visitors just carry on regardless.

  3. The world is their oyster…………..The British don’t want to be accused of racism, it is a plight worse than cancer. If they were white or Jewish the law will come down hard on them.

  4. Chaim has a point. And if we behaved in this way in Jeddah we would get short shrift.
    The picture of Prince Charles dressed up in some curious rig and being made to ‘sword dance’ at some desert ‘do’ shows with what contempt they treat us. Of all the Arabs, the Saudi’s stand out as the crudest and most repulsive.

  5. It’s easy to be distracted by the antics of these hillybilly peasants from the sands of Saudi and their bizarre and medieval ways. This brilliant expose of the realities of life in Saudi Arabia demonstrates how lucky we are to have a brave and creatively brilliant free press. ITV are to be congratulated on exposing the rank hypocrisy of the evil rulers of this barren land whose only asset is oil. Barren, in every other way, because they consume and never create. My worst fear is that the ‘Royal Family’ get kicked out and we have these vile people here, en masse.
    Of course, that would frighten the rather thick Mrs M whose home, Bahrain, relies on the murderous Saudi’s
    Watch this

  6. Spoilt little Pratt, this is why oil is so expensive because we all pander to these Arabs.
    One minute living in a tent, then, up from the ground came a bubbling crude, oil that is.
    Too much dosh and no class.
    Off with his head.

    1. Well said, Dodge. We have been too soft with these barbarians.
      We certainly shouldn’t sell these peasants sophisticated weapony

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