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The free spirits

Anne Naysmith (1937 – 2015, AKA “The Rag Lady of Chiswick”)

Anne NaysmithA former concert pianist who once played at the Wigmore Hall, Anne Naysmith began sleeping in her blue Ford Consul at the age of 39 after being evicted from her Chiswick flat and having been jilted by a lover. Somewhat akin to Alan Bennett’s Miss Shepherd from The Lady in the Van, the local council put a stop to that in 2002 and in the time since she lived in a shelter she built in a car park at Stamford Brook Station. That was pulled down in December 2014 and tragically she was then killed after being hit by a lorry in February 2015. She was well known for having refused all offers of charity and accommodation and will be missed by many.


11 comments on “Anne Naysmith (1937 – 2015, AKA “The Rag Lady of Chiswick”)”

    1. Perhaps she is a no strings attached cookie, or she knows what happens when the postman rings twice. Maybe she is fanatical about cars. It is rocket science.

    1. Why would you call youself Hag Hater? Are you being offensive to Miss Naysmith? I hope not. I see no sign she is mad from the reports, eccentric- yes. I note this from the link above “She regularly listens in on court cases, indulging an interest in law held since childhood. Once a week she immerses herself in books and scores at Barbican music library – her only concession to her former life, of which she refuses to speak.” I think she is perfectly allowed to have a lifestyle of her choice, and it falls foul of the establishment sometimes. She does want charity or help and I hope her friends help her get a little patch she can use. Bless herand I wish her Happy Christmas.

      1. She was mad. A nasty piece of work. Pushed children off bikes who were riding with stabilisers, spat in people’s faces, screamed obscenities at passers by when offered help… anything you read about her that is nice is simply romanticising for romanticising’s sake!!

  1. This lady’s affairs are of no concern to anyone other than herself. She ought not to be squatting and making a mess and she plainly requires help. I am shocked that you bother to even write about her. A real victim who needs help is poor missing Madeleine McCann. It is time that you supported it and dear Gerry and Kate in their tireless quest. I do not understand your motivation for featuring this mad old woman.

  2. To some of you warped, nasty individuals, she died in a car accident on Tuesday. So that should make you happy. You can now carry on behind your net curtains muttering about something else ‘offensive’ and not be bothered with her. From my point of view, she was a real character, who asked for no help or judgement and just wanted to live her life the way she did. In her own way she added life to a cold to the increasingly neighbourless, stuck up streets.

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