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Anne Robinson

Anne RobinsonShe’s best known for the catchphrase: “You are the Weakest Link, goodbye!” but this television great has accomplished much else. The “Queen of Mean” is renowned for her knack of coming up with great newspaper headlines and has also accumulated a fortune of some £40 million. Robinson is vehemently pro fox hunting and lives in Kensington but don’t get her started on what she thinks about the Welsh.


8 comments on “Anne Robinson”

  1. Ugly old thing…and, at her age, wearing tight leather trousers is so ludicrous. Some of these frightful old harridans have no shame.
    Doubtless she and Mrs L. Chase are close friends

  2. I suggest that her nasty, bullying ways are down to the fact she is an untreated alcoholic and vents the anger that alcohol once muted by tearing into the weak and defenceless.
    Frankly, when I read that her family were in ‘trade’ and she was Oirish I wondered what she thought she was doing slagging off the Welsh-tempting though it is.
    I thought her Wilki entry just fab
    “Robinson is of Irish descent. Her father was a school teacher. Her mother, Anne Josephine, who was an alcoholic,was an agricultural businesswoman from Ireland, where she was the manager of a market stall. When she came to England, she married into her husband’s family of wholesale chicken dealers, and sold rationed rabbit after the Second World War.[4]

    Brought up initially at the family home in Crosby, Robinson attended a private and prestigious Roman Catholic convent Boarding School in Hampshire, Farnborough Hill Convent.( never heard of it: hardly St Mary’s Ascot) She was hired as a chicken gutter( charming!) and saleswoman during the holidays in the family business, before taking office jobs at a law firm. The family spent their summers on holiday in France, often at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes.( Amazed they were allowed in trailing chicken feathers all over the lobby”

  3. Put a sock in it, Mr Wayde. Your snobbish, vituperative comments were particularly uncharitable. I know Anne Robinson socially and have found her knowledgeable and amusing. To pick over her background, condemning her as coming from ‘trade’ demeans you. Her accomplishments are far greater than many of those of ‘quality’ who often have only inherited no real class and are vapid ‘waste-of-spaces’.

    1. Read her ghastly self promoting Wilki entry…. and I am not a charitable institution:I speak as I find.
      You DO NOT bully those less mentally capable than yourself and you certainly don’t show off about having been to a ‘prestigious’ Catholic girls school-one no one has ever heard of.
      I have no objection to her family having been in trade, but I do object to her grubbing money on her silly programmes by making fools of those less able than herself….that, my dear Trenear-Harvey is exceedingly common….
      And the insolence of criticising the Welsh, when you are Irish…words fail me!

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