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The entrepreneurs and the risk takers

Yan Assoun

Yan Assoun and Polina ProshkinaThe term “bonfire of the bankers” truly applies to the life of this divorced Frenchman who has variously been based in London and New York. Back in 2009, he told Bloomberg: “I haven’t cried yet” after being made redundant by Credit Suisse in 2009 and then in October 2013, party loving Assoun informed a London court: “I don’t have any money… Yes I own a $3.3 million New York apartment — it doesn’t mean I’m rich”. This managing partner of the MYD Markets trade execution firm is plainly a man in need of a better publicist.


24 comments on “Yan Assoun”

  1. Who ever wrote that is clearly not aware that Mr Assoun has NO liqiudity in his apartment and its actually belongs to the bank. As well as the fact that his gold digging ex wife Anais Assoun went to Kelleher International dating agency to buy herself a new fiancee / victim John Gustafson who is currently paying for all her life style , while she still hoping to get some fund from her dead horse ex husband. Long live gold diggers!!!

    1. What a load of bull. He’s probably hidden his money elsewhere to avoid paying his wife. The judge was very clear about him being in the wrong. Get over yourself woman.

    1. You are a very foolish woman with your nonsensical comment. He is clearly as common as hell, though by your ‘standards’ that probably makes him a ‘gentleman’

  2. I dont know either the Frenchman , who looks slightly sly , quite a cad.. or the gold digger wife, is it the one in the pic above? But I suspect that he is hiding money away be from taxman, creditors or ex wife,
    I am not sure what of victim is he supposed to be, dont know the story but anyone who marries a callous gold digger and is then plucked or milked dry.. well dont really feel sorry for them, usually they deserved it anyway or stupidity can cost.

  3. The Minx, The Bank and the Frenchman’s balls. They are all merely pawns in tsunami of deceit and sleaze.
    In my humble opinion finding a innocent party is as problematic as searching for a needle in a haystack.

  4. No, have not googled him yet, but in any event google is a semi reliable source, lots of criminals come up perfectly proper on g searches .. and many good people come up looking dodgy because of input manipulation,
    The russian in the pic looks rather vintage of the “model” trade

  5. We must be cautious of being judgemental. It was obvious that the model in picture is Russian, her red handbag is a complete give away. Russians will never forsake their roots. Yan was probably attending a publicity opportunity for “Meet the Russians” organised by the Fox Channel UK to promote the reality show to potential advertisers. On that occasion it could have been legitimate business.

  6. Yan and Anais have two children together. I don’t believe the children get to see their father since they split up so it’s entirely possible that they google him all the time. Please be sensitive in your comments. From what I saw of him when the family lived in London, he was a good dad.

  7. Naomi Campbell is a exception to the rule. Naomi has had her share of anger management, and believes that diamonds are forever. A few hot rocks have passed through her hands. But we all learn from the lessons of life.
    Forgive and forget is my motto.

  8. OMG! Mr Assoun is a Jat…a camel breeding tribe from the Sindh…..
    His tribe come from the Sindh…like the ghastly and pretentious Dino Lalvani.

    There is a local saying( and it will amuse Chaim) “if you encounter a snake and a Sindh, which one should you trust?”

    “the snake….”

  9. After desperete UK press tip -off from Ms Assoun she was able to convince most people in Dallas that she is a professional gold digger, some people that big hair is still a trend and just a few that she is a working fashion journalist. She graduate almost 10 years ago and never worked a day in her life. Stop lying and go get a job lady!

  10. the hilarity of it all is the angelika figure writing is his current flame Polina Proshkina. dead give away is the K spelling of angelika. another society wannabe ukrainian gold digger.

  11. Angelika/ Polina Proshkina: Stalking, impersonation, and defamation are serious issues. You may want to take it out of a public forum so that you don’t create legal issues for yourself?

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