Anne Dunhill

This Roman Catholic novelist and Italian translator’s works have included A Darker Shade of Love, Web of Passion and Anita: A Memoir. A former debutante and model, Dunhill also writes about love, life and lunches on the site Angela Darling’s Blog and is a granddaughter of the luxury goods titan Alfred Dunhill.

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  1. I also read what Jeremy Isaacs had to say about Miss Dunhill’s book about their affair….naughty girl!
    She will need to say quite a few Hail Mary’s for that…..
    “Four years ago, Isaacs was photographed leaving the house of Anne Dunhill, a former model and the estranged wife of an administrative director of the ballet. In September this year, Dunhill, who is already the author of Web of Passion and A Darker Shade of Love, announced that she had written a novel based on their affair, complete with hotel kimonos and aliases and lies about open marriages. She has continued to whet the public taste for it in newpaper articles since.”


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