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Winging it

Sarah Tucker gives an update on goings on at the resort where Madeleine McCann vanished


Four hundred and thirty euros, one bedroom apartment, one week at the height of season at a luxury family resort in Portugal. And oh yes, it’s the Ocean Club at Praia da Luz. There’s availability with two and three bedroom apartments as well. I asked about apartment 5a where Madeleine disappeared but the PR is coming back to me on that one. That was four days ago.


The Ocean Club entrance and Apartment 5A at the top of the street

I checked this out because having looked at the comments on The Steeple Times McCann roll call entry, I wanted to know what became of the resort where she disappeared.  Last year the lady who owned the property itself couldn’t sell it because women buyers were put off by it’s history.  I don’t blame them. I would never recommend buying from a divorcing couple, no matter how good the deal, so buying somewhere where a child has been allegedly kidnapped is a no no. Estate agents will say nonsense, but that’s a woman’s superstition for you. Or a mother’s superstition.


I remember writing at the time about Mark Warner, a company synonymous with a reputation for keeping parents who treated parenting as a subject to be studied to A*, not as something to leave to instinct, God forbid.  Perhaps that’s an exaggeration, but having recently vox popped over 500 parents* asking if they would leave their children in their hotel room unsupervised while they ate in a restaurant on site, none of them, not one, said they would do so. I never mentioned the McCann case. The question about childcare was mixed in with other family travel related stuff, but some even mentioned the McCann’s case when they responded.  And all claimed they would take advantage of a babysitting service if it was offered or eat earlier and with the kids if it wasn’t.


I was asked at the time if I would ever leave my son alone. I never have. Too risky and having lost him for ten minutes in the salubrious area that is East Sheen high street at five in the afternoon five years ago, because I refused to wait for him to tie up his shoe lace for the nth time, and getting no less than eighteen other men and women, all who had been either waiting for buses, serving or being served in shops, or in several cases drinking in the local pub, to run up and down, shouting his name, I understand the McCann’s need to go to the end of the earth, the prime minister, the Pope, to find their daughter. I completely understand this. What I never understood was their emotional reaction or rather lack of it.    In the meantime babysitting services are still offered at the Ocean Club.


* Using social media (parents of three to six year olds).


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  • Kate's or better the McCann's lack of reaction was an advise of a psychologist!!!!!
    It seems that it is possible for a person to control all of the emotions of anguish and dispair, of terrible fear, tears, when a psychologist orders you to do so. Clarence Mitchell's explanation that Kate is English, does not show any emotion, was not accepted abroad. In Iberia neither in Germany and Holland.
    What shocked me was the fact how well Kate was looking four months after the disappearence, during an interview to Jon Corner. I even suspected she was feeling relieved of something.
    I wonder what kind of life Madeleine had at home and I wonder how her last days were in Portugal.
    I often think about the last night of Kate's, May the 2nd, sleeping separated (that is not a crime): was she awake the whole night through? Did she decide to give Madeleine stronger sedatives, in order to keep her quieter?
    And about leaving the children alone: on May the first, the parents were at the Chaplin's restaurant, very far away, whilst Madeleine cried for 75 minutes. That is what Mrs. Fenn told her hair dresser in Praia da Luz.
    They are very irresponsible parents.

  • How schocking must have been to Kate's parents when they read the police files and they found out their daughter had lied to them. I understand Kate was petrified of telling the truth to their parents. Mrs. Healy did not expected her at all to leave the children all alone every single night. Let alone that Kate and Gerry continued their friendship with David Payne, even after the police files were published. On Kate's book one can read Kate's thank words to the Paynes, no special words thanking the rest of the Tapas.
    On one video, one week before the McCanns were made arguidos, Gerry refers to the "tremendous support " they were getting from their families and he did no refer to any eventual suport they were receiveing from the Tapas. And the same Tapas that were witnesses of their innocence...
    Tapas 7 disappeared, even Fiona Payne did not run through the streets of London, supporting the McCanns, after the Met got involved in the case.
    Today I sent a video to the Met calling their attention for a mistake of Gerry's, made one week before they were made arguidos.
    "When I arrived there(5a) and Kate told me...I looked at the scene as well...(a death behind the couch?)"
    The word scene makes me think of a concrete something that could be seen, I even think of a crime scene.
    Kate was there (all by herself),Gerry arrived (some later) and she told him (what had happened).
    Was Gerry refering to the moment he arrived back from the tennis court?
    According to 8 statements, Gerry was at the diner table when Kate came in shouting that Madeleine was gone and it was the first time Gerry got aware of it.
    One can see that video "Informe Especial-Madeleine McCann" and it comes from a TV in Chile.
    Let the McCanns talk. The more they talk, the more the police get close to the truth.

  • I got aan automatic reply from the Yard where they also say: "You will apprciate that we receive a large volume of emails as part of this enquiry".
    Gosh, that is good news!
    I feel sorry for the lawyer who will defend the McCanns. It is impossible to defend them. They can better give up and confess the truth.
    Their defense will cost them a terrible lot of money and they will end up in prison anyway. Poor and in prison.
    And Tapas 7 will spend mountains of money as well and I hope they will end up in prison too. Hiding a murder, obstructing the police work, helping hiding a body, allowing the existence of a fraudulent fund, collaborating with the McCanns...
    Last but not least, allowing Murat's life being destroyed.
    Yeaah, they will pay for it. They had five years of time in order to change their stories and they didn't.
    I pray it is too late for them.

  • i wish people would know right and wrong and know not to kdianp childrenmadeleine did nothing wrong so why did someone come and take her. i am praying for a safe return and that she will come back safe and wellwhat did madeleine do wrong she is just a sweet 4 year old girl and she was only 3 at that time. saying that kate and gerry killed her is so bad and it seems like the police just want to blame someone so they won't have to keep on the investigation and search. i love you madeleine and good luck kate and gerry. you are really good parents to sean and ameile and will soon have madeleine back. good luck

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