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Website of the Week: Exaro

Exaro is a website that isn’t afraid to cover stories that have been inadequately covered by the mainstream media


Investigative journalism used to be the guiding force of Britain’s free press. Today, sadly, most titles have ditched this in favour of “celebrity” obsession but one online news source, Exaro, has successfully tipped the balance back towards in-depth investigation and analysis.


Mark Watts


Exaro describes itself as “holding power to account” and as “investigat[ing] issues that are important to business in particular and to the public in general, but which are being inadequately covered – or ignored – by the mainstream media”.


Taking its name from the Latin verb “exarare”, Exaro makes reference to “digging up” and “ploughing up” and in their coverage of the historic abuse that has gone on at Westminster and elsewhere, they have shown great courage and resolve.


Run out of Fetter Lane and bankrolled by the millionaire investment fund manager Jerome Booth, Exaro is edited by a former Sunday Business and Sunday Express journalist named Mark Watts and has such people as Nick Brown MP, Lord Carlile, David Hencke and Neville Thurlbeck amongst its contributors. It is a website that we urge all our readers to subscribe to.



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4 comments on “Website of the Week: Exaro”

  1. It is long overdue. We need fair and balanced coverage of news. I only watch Fox and friends, for my updates of news events worldwide. The rest is spin,spin,spin.

  2. Why haven’t you made your webpage of the week Find Madeleine yet? Shame on you for not supporting dear Gerry and Kate McCann in their efforts to find their beloved daughter Madeleine. I hear you got blocked on Twitter by Sir Christopher and Lady Catherine Meyer. You deserve that and a lot more for not supporting two decent people in their determined efforts to find their beloved daughter Madeleine.

    1. I urge them to uncover the truth behind Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, or else try Fox and Friends and if really desperate Bloomberg Channel. Gerry and Kate are wealthy people who should put their hands in their own pockets for a change.

  3. I urge them to investigate the activities of that old lag Thomas McLoughlin. He has been seen thumping around the streets of Chelsea looking like a washed up old bum. This revolting fatty needs taking off the streets.

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