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Wanted: Reward issued for killer of Alexander Monson

‘The Steeple Times’ issues a reward for information that will lead to successful prosecution of the killer of Alexander Monson


Yesterday, May 19th, was the second anniversary of Alexander Monson’s death in police custody in Kenya. Alexander was the handsome and intelligent 28-year old heir of Lord Monson.


After being arrested outside a nightclub in the tourist resort of Diani, for alleged possession of a small quanitity of marijuana, Alexander Monson was taken to the local police station. He entered the police station a healthy and strong young man. He left the station ten hours later in a coma.


Alexander Monson was then shackled with handcuffs by police to a bed in hospital. There, four hours later, he died. The police then stated the cause was a drugs overdose. They lied. Toxicology tests later showed there were no drugs in his system.


The post mortem – demanded by the family – revealed he had been savagely beaten and had been killed by a blow to the back of his head which created the condition of blunt force trauma.


The murdering and lying policemen responsible are still at large but The Steeple Times has obtained three photographs.


OCS Cheriyot Arap Rono
Corporal Naftali Chege

One is of the officer in charge of this small police station at the time of Alexander’s death. His name is Cheriyot Arap Rono, The other is the senior arresting policeman of the late Alexander. His name is Corporal Naftali Chege.


Corporal Chege and two other policemen were posted to another police station days after Alexander Monson died. Coincidence? What do you think? Corporal Chege has since returned to his old beat and continues to patrol Diani. Cheriyot Arap Rono has now been promoted and serves elsewhere,


Through his local MP, Sir Malcom Rifkind, Lord Monson has requested that the FCO formally ask the Kenyan government that Scotland Yard investigate Alexander’s death. He awaits a reply. The Steeple Times, in the meantime, will pay for a return flight to the UK for both Corporal Chege and Cheriyot Arap Rono to answer the following questions:


– How was it that Alexander Monson had the trauma of bootprints around his testicles?


– Why did he have defensive wounds to his left arm?


– Who hit the back of his head that led to Alexander dying hours later from blunt force trauma?


– Who took the decision to tell lies to the media saying Alexander had died from a drugs overdose which – adding insult to murder –blackened his name?


Alexander’s death has left his family and friends heart broken. That night of May 19th 2012 also finished the ancient Monson line which goes back to the Battle of Agincourt, where John Monson served as Quartermaster for Henry V. There is no male heir of the next generation.


The Steeple Times today puts up a reward of £5,000 for information that will lead to the successful prosecution of the killer and his accomplices in both the beating and the cover-up. Only policemen who were on duty that night of May 19th 2012 in Ukunda Police Station need apply. Steps will be taken additionally to protect such policemen before, during and after the trial.


Those with information should contact in the first instance.



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