Wally of the Week: Russell Brand

Hypocrite Russell Brand is a man who should decide which side of the fence he sits on


This morning Russell Brand was on ITV1’s Lorraine show. On Wednesday, he went to an opening night at a theatre but on the same day he also attended the Anonymous protest along with another two-faced loudmouth, Vivienne Westwood. He is a man who flits from one side of the fence to the other.


Russell Brand

In October, Brand was interviewed by the FT in a café run by a co-operative that helps homeless people. The interviewer, Lucy Kellaway, mocked him for arriving in a chauffeur driven Mercedes and he didn’t get the point. What this juxtaposition illustrated is that Russell Brand is, in fact, a grade A hypocrite who loves luxury yet claims he’s campaigning against it.


During Friday’s interview, Brand told Lorraine Kelly that he’d written a children’s book that mentioned the “double dip recession” and stated that he is all about: “creating mischief and questioning the way things are”. He continued:


“I think it’s mad that people expect me to come up with solutions… I try just to amplify the people who do know stuff”.


This moron then paraded two terrified children on the screen and asked them if they thought he was a “nice person” who ought to be Mayor of London. In not answering they spoke for millions and on that basis Russell Brand is our most worthy Wally of the Week.



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    1. I am certain the people of London will be pleased to hear that if this lunatic became Mayor he would not expect to find solutions to any problems but merely “amplify” them. Living in a mansion with millions is most certainly buying him a better class of misery than the people he inspires to revolution have. Perhaps if he gave away some of his money to help the homeless or housed them in his mansion he might generate some credibility.

      I believe all his recent activities are designed to place him in the spotlight to promote his ailing career. Perhaps he should stick to comedy since he is infinitely qualified to make a fool of himself as we can see every day.

      • Warner Bros studio executives believed that Russell Brand would become a bankable A list star at the American Box office. Arthur 2011 bombed at the box office, Warner Bros confidence in Brand was shattered, and has not invested in another Brand movie project since. The Brand is fucked up, he has nothing else to do, but clown around for media exposure.

      • Gillian
        I think you meant to write ‘Russell speaks for all the brain dead people like me who are really boring and but think liking Brand will make us seem a bit cool and edgy’
        Yes, I know the idea of Gillian being ‘cool and edgy is ridiculous

    2. Brilliant article. Everything he seems to tackle seems to be the opposite of what he supposedly stands for. He is apparently going to stand for Mayor of London, yet he has made it well known that he never votes, and does not believe in politics one bit. He also wants a free, and somewhat hippy state, free of the trappings of wealth, yet he is all too quick to publicise his latest book, or movie! Someone please gag him.

    3. Brand is a self-serving, hypocritical phoney little oik who should stick his head up his arse and breath deeply………
      Trott has obviously forgotten to take her medication AGAIN, so her impertinence (“Speaks for us all….etc”) is, as usual, utterly inconsequential….!!!


      ‘ Out of the mouths of babes and innocents ‘

      Whilst I abhor Russell Brand; it did occur to me that when he dies young of some misadventure, as all his type tend to do, who would be there to eulogise him?

      You’ve got it….Gillian Trott for it is she!

      • If you continue, I shall report you to the authorities. Trolling my name is not something I will tolerate. Get some decency and support the Find Madeleine campaign instead of writing such poison.

    5. It is BBC Question Time again, coming from Canterbury Kent. Russell (the clap) Brand is on the panel. The audience again will be carefully cherry picked to support BBC propaganda. The British Broadcasting Corporations obsession with Russell Brand is mind blowing and bizarre. Russell Brand should be an ambassador for Penicillin and vaginalis creams and nothing else, that is where his expertise lies. He ignorant and lost when it comes to politics.

      • The irony is that he’d be the first to scoff at any “Tory sleaze”. He should go back to poking his festering knob in anything and everything that isn’t too sober to punch his lights out. Oh, and keep his powdered nose out of current (and political) affairs.


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