Wally of the Week: Heather Mills

Heather Mills

A rare thing has occured: Matthew Steeples admits to finding himself in agreement with Piers Morgan in regard to the latest rant by Heather Mills


It wasn’t something I’d expect would ever happen but I have to admit it: In mocking the latest rant by Heather Mills, for once, Piers Morgan has got something right (though this is something I must temper by suggesting that he’s only said what he did in an attempt to make himself look good in the eyes of the public).


Heather Mills on Ireland’s most popular television programme ‘The Late Late Show’


During an interview on Ireland’s most popular television programme last week, The Late Late Show, Mills decided to lay into her ex-husband Sir Paul McCartney. In the tirade, this obnoxious mouthpiece remarked:


“If I go down the street all I get is kids coming up to me. Half of them don’t even know who he (Paul) is. That’s why he’s got to do songs with Rihanna and Kanye West, so people remember who he is. I have people going ‘Oh my God, you’re the ski racer’ or ‘You help animals’. I own the biggest vegan company in the world, most of the money I earn goes to helping animals, disabled kids, landmine clearing charities, things that are changing the world”.


Mills’ comments clearly show only one thing: This woman is nothing but delusional and self-obsessed. I may personally disagree with some of Sir Paul McCartney’s views on animal rights but whilst he remains undoubtedly as one of the most popular and influential acts in the history of rock music, all Heather Mills is now is a washed up old has been. Next!



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    1. Heather Mills presents with distinctive clinical features of a Intermittent explosive disorder: temper tantrums in the volatile impulsive adult. If the shoe fits let her wear it, otherwise the best advice is to ignore her. Ex Beatle Paul will probably be the first to agree with me.

      • He aged about 15 years in that four-year marriage. Seriously. The photos of Paul before Heather and after Heather remind me of the photos of US presidents taken before they took office (happy, vigorous) and after (sad, exhausted, aged).

    2. I totally understand her anger and would feel the same myself. She has put a lot of effort in and to be caught up by a technicality at such a late stage would be very annoying. Heather is not all bad – she is a brave, feisty, warm, generous woman. Lets be a little more chivalrous.


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