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Nikolay Kalinin on an unhinged group of veterans who wish to attack vaccination centres.

Nikolay Kalinin on an unhinged group of veterans who wish to attack vaccination centres

There’s no denying that the people who went out on Saturday to protest against vaccine passports – and those who endorsed them, such as failed politician David Kurten and LBC host Maajid Nawaz – are utterly deranged. However, what has been recently uncovered by The Mail on Sunday is even worse than lunacy; it’s a level of insanity that can only be comparable to the far-right psychopaths who stormed the Capitol earlier this year.


The publication has revealed that there is a ‘private army’ called Veterans 4 Freedom (V4F), made up of around 200 ex-servicemen and women, whose main aim is to attack vaccination centres and those giving out the jabs.


The group has a private Telegram channel that one can only access by proving that they served in the army. Within that channel, the group’s members discuss carrying out insidious plans designed to disrupt Britain’s vaccination programme.


One member, known as ‘John H,’ wrote: “What security do these people have? How secure will the phials and equipment be in schools. I think a small group of ‘parents’ could easily restrain the vaccinator and remove the drugs…”


That same ‘John H’ has also revealed that he received a walkie-talkie from a former member of the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), which is designated as a terrorist group by the UK.


The group’s leader, known only as ‘Bellzaac,’ has stressed that V4F advocates ‘legal forms of protest and resistance’ only, but within the Telegram channel his vocabulary is incredibly different; in one message he wrote: “No one else is going to do what needs to be done when it gets messy. We know it’s going to happen, it’s not a matter of if,” which sounds as if they are planning an insurrection.


Commenting on the clash outside of the former BBC Television Studio during an anti-lockdown protest organised by Official Voice, one member said: “The BBC building needs…burning down.”


One message has even urged members to “bring the fight to the people sticking the needle in” by putting trackers on the cars of health workers giving out the vaccine and following them home.


The group has also declared the police as an enemy, with one message stating it would “be good if ‘someone’ slashed tyres of pig cars all over the country.”


Are these the people whom many within the country would want to support? Those who plan attacks on vaccination centres, and thus sabotage Britain’s recovery from the pandemic?


If such people are given a platform, they will use it to carry out attacks on decent people who just want the best for others, and this might even cause the resurgence of the far-right in the country who have been spewing anti-lockdown, anti-vaxx nonsense the last year. We will be on the path towards an idiocracy.


The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in all sorts of crackpottery. In November 2020, we reported on a ludicrous Channel 4 show that asked: “Is Covid Racist?”

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  • The ex-Forces identity that they are clearly so attached to might remind them that they have fully sworn allegiance to The Crown. As such I suspect smashing up HM Injectors would not be on all fours with HM's wishes. You can be sure that Thames House is paying very keen attention to this.

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