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Trash and Trump

Trash and Trump – Donald Trump supporter C. J. Cary mistaken for a protester at rally in Kinston, North Carolina – Donald Trump voter Terri Lynn Rote charged with voting for him twice in Des Moines, Iowa

Donald Trump attacks one of his own supporters whilst elsewhere another of his fans is charged with voting for him twice


At a rally in Kinston, North Carolina last Wednesday, a 64-year-old black Trump supporter of Donald Trump named C. J. Cary was evicted after being mistaken for a protester.


Trump, as can be seen from about 11:53 minutes into the YouTube clip below, announced:


“That’s all right. Leave him alone. That’s all right. We have a protester! By the way, were you paid $1,500 to be a thug? Where’s the protester? Where is he? Was he paid?”


“You can get him out. Get him out. Out”.


As his followers chanted “out, out, out”, the undiplomatic wannabe president then continued:


“Folks. Did you WikiLeaks? We found out that Clinton was paying people $1,500 plus and iPhone to go out and be violent at our rallies. OK. It’s a disgrace, it’s a disgrace”.

“But they found out that people are very tough. They’re very tough”.


Cheers followed and were accompanied by chants of “lock him up, lock him up” in reference to Obama as well as Clinton herself.


Later, Mr Cary – who has corresponded with the billionaire developer since 1992 and who supposedly had 36 Trump signs (complete with “electrified coils”) torn down from his yard by vandals in July – commented:


“I said: ‘I was trying to get this doc to Mr Donald… [A security guard] said: ‘Well dude we’ll be happy to give it to him’”.


“I support Trump because he’s honest… You can work with an honest person and convince them their vision isn’t in the best interest of everyone. You can’t work with dishonest people. That’s why I don’t like Obama – the worst president in American history”.


Donald Trump at the rally in Kinston, North Carolina
C. J. Cary is escorted from the rally despite actually being one of Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters
Terri Lynn Rote is said to be a “fanatical” fan of ‘The Donald’


Elsewhere last Thursday, in Des Moines, Iowa, a 55-year-old named Terri Lynn Rote was arrested on suspicion of voting for Donald Trump twice.


Rote, who was released on Friday after posting a $5,000 bond, was charged with first-degree election misconduct.


She later gave various media interviews and remarked:


“I don’t know what came over me… It was a spur-of-the-moment thing”.


Speaking to Iowa Public Radio, she claimed that she “feared her vote would be changed to a vote for Hillary Clinton” and added: “The polls are rigged”.

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