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The Pride of Cliff

As Sir Cliff Richard makes his “TV comeback”, everyone appears to have forgotten the Elm Guest House


With all charges of child sex abuse in Sheffield against him rightly dropped due to a lack of evidence, Sir Cliff Richard is to make his first TV appearance in two years according to The Mirror.


The Christian pop singer, it is reported, will present one of the honours at the paper’s Pride of Britain Awards in the presence of the Prince of Wales. Of the event, Sir Cliff stated:


“The Pride of Britain has become iconic. It highlights the positive aspect of being British and I feel so honoured to have been asked to present one of the awards. I’m looking forward to being there”.


Sir Cliff added:


“God has looked after me”.


“I’ve spent two years in complete silence because I decided it was best not to say anything in public. It was a matter of being patient. I knew it wasn’t true. I got through it, but I will never ever forget it”.


“It’s an experience I wouldn’t want to repeat or for anyone else to go through. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I’m trusting that is true. I’m feeling stronger already”.


Elsewhere, what went on at Elm Guest House has been effectively swept under the carpet. With only one MP, Zac Goldsmith, courageous enough to speak out about the appalling things that occurred there at the hands of powerful VIP abusers, it seems the prognosis of the Prince of Wales’ other one-time friend, the late Sir Jimmy Savile, is proving true – In Theresa May Britain, the little people never get justice.


Sir Cliff Richard with Sir Jimmy Savile (picture taken in 1965)
Sir Jimmy Savile with the Prince of Wales in 1999

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  • Looos like t he kiddie fiddlers are really closing rank this time! I can wait. Just give them enough rope, and Britains lost and abused children will have justice.

  • Looks like t he kiddie fiddlers are really closing ranks this time! I, can wait. Just give them enough rope!? And Britains lost and abused children will have justice done.

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