Terrible Tracey

Terrible Tracey – Tracey Emin announces she’s quitting London after her plans to construct a carbuncle that resembles a Hitler-esque oven are rejected; Londoners rejoice

Tracey Emin announces she’s quitting London after her plans to construct a carbuncle that resembles a Hitler-esque oven are rejected; Londoners rejoice


Tracey Emin CBE, RA is no doubt liked by somebody, somewhere. She’s made a fortune from what she calls “art” and though her unmade bed is often derided as one of the most stupid creations ever, she had the last laugh when it sold for millions.


Now, though, this vastly overrated multi-millionairess member of ‘The Club’ is moaning that she’s “not wanted” in London anymore and is quitting for pastures new. Her reason? Tower Hamlets Council rejected her plans to demolish a listed building in Spitalfields and replace it with a carbuncle resembling one of Hitler’s ovens.


A perfectly fine listed 1920s building stands on the site currently (centre right)
Ms Emin wished to replace it with this hideous carbuncle
Tracey Emin believes people should “love is what you want”; the people spoke and showed they did not love her terrible proposal


In an interview with The Guardian, Emin – whom bizarrely married a “big f**king stone” earlier this year as she “no longer wants to be alone” and whose palatial East End residence already includes a swimming pool – angrily justified her decision. She remarked:


“Tower Hamlets says: ‘We don’t want you’… Well, there’s plenty of other places that do. It’s that simple”.


“Why would you want to be somewhere you’re not wanted? What I’m going to do now is move out of London. I don’t have any choice on that… There’s places now in Britain that are desperate for artists – Margate’s thriving, Folkestone, Hastings. All that Kent coast. And I could have a giant studio and be really relaxed”.


“I’m an international artist who hasn’t got enough room to swing a cat at the moment… If I knocked it down and built a hotel or flats I could greatly benefit. I could build eight, nine, ten flats in here”.


Of the objections to her proposals, she added:


“I’m in a vulnerable place right now… I was scared about having to take all these people on my own – it’s a big thing”.


“I just feel I’ve been pretty bullied by the whole thing and I don’t want to be bullied any more… I don’t get the reaction I get from people”.


In response to Ms Emin’s remarks, local resident Susie Stape told The Steeple Times:


“What this woman, best known for her ghastly unmade bed ‘artwork’, wanted to build looked like something straight out of Auschwitz. It was highly offensive in an area traditionally linked to refugees and all I can say is that I pity wherever Tracey Emin heads next. She’s a blight on any community and we’re so delighted that we’ll soon be rid of her”.


Ms Stape is right: God helps whatever community Terrible Tracey descends on next.


A side view of the rejected design
Another projection of the ugly building that has thankfully been rejected


  1. It does sound a little sanctimonious. Why doesn’t she just move? The Guardian article didnt mention the fact the building was listed and you read it having more sympathy with her because she lost her mother too (which this article above doesnt mention).

    However this shouldnt have any bearing on the council’s decision which seems fair given she is a wealthy woman who could presumably find somewhere else to live and ‘swing a cat’ – either in London or on the South Coast. Personally I dont like her art but she has made many important statements through it. It is a shame she will not be working in London but it seems a little unnecessary to have huge multi millionaire artist studios when such a housing crisis exists. I think I would choose the 9-10 flats she proposes over some odd artist’s studio that produces expensive art for rich dealers and oligarchs

    • Sorry what are the ‘important statements’ she has made through her art?
      The British, unlike the French or Italians are fairly tasteless so the UK is a great market for ‘artist adventurers’ with different wheeze’s to enrich themselves at the expense of the richly ignorant.

  2. She see’s the UK as a big steaming, shithole! She Obviously has her finger on all the right buttons. I love her great sense of humour.


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