Knightsbridge – Tent City 2020

Knightsbridge – Tent City 2020 – Homeless tents Bromton Road, SW3 – As Knightsbridge’s Brompton Road turns into a ‘tent city’ for the homeless, Matthew Steeples urges readers to support such people this Christmas.

As Knightsbridge’s Brompton Road turns into a ‘tent city’ for the homeless, Matthew Steeples urges readers to support such people this Christmas

In September 2019, The Steeple Times illustrated the tragic paradox between wealth and poverty in Belgravia with a picture of a passed out homeless man and today, just as most of our readers likely get ready to sit down tomorrow to a veritable feast in their warm residences, we sadly have to reveal that Knightsbridge has gone the same way.


In a year when we also featured the story of a heartless Conservative councilor named Karen Rampton wanting to “fine homeless people for sleeping in doorways,” the area of Brompton Road, SW3 just beyond Harrods has turned into a tent city.


Aside from a charming, aged Irishwoman living in the doorway of the shuttered Bunch of Grapes pub, there are a total of seven tents along this strip. It is truly sad to behold and we urge all our readers to leave something good for such people wherever and whenever you can.


Remember this: One in three families are only one pay cheque away from losing their home; don’t think it couldn’t be you and please be kind and considerate.


Pictured top: Contrasting wealth and poverty with one of Knightsbridge’s ‘Tent City’ residences set against a £300,000 Rolls-Royce Cullinan 4×4 speeding by behind it.


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Knightsbridge – Tent City 2020 – A tent surrounded by rubbish situated on Brompton Road, London, SW3.
Knightsbridge – Tent City 2020 – Another tent is located opposite The Bunch of Grapes pub and the now closed Lord’s Food & Wine store.
Knightsbridge – Tent City 2020 – Further tents are to be found in Beaufort Gardens, a street where Firmdale Hotels operate the Knightsbridge Hotel, a chi-chi “luxury property” where rooms cost upwards “from £447 per night” this Christmas.


  1. Shocking to see. Very sad. Why have the government not housed these people this time round? The dangers of the virus are far worse this winter than in March. The hotel programme should be reinstated now.

  2. Yet more illegals!!!!!!!!! Disgusting!!!!!!!!! We would not tolerate this Down Under!!!!!!!!!!! Blow up their boats as they near your borders!!!!!!!!!!! You are free of the EU —- now kick out the scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more foreign scum raping your Sheilas!!!!!!!!!!! Get them gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am sorry Rod, you disgrace yourself with racist comments when there is no indication of where they come from. I also remind you that push back policies are illegal under the law and we do not murder migrants. We are not free of the EU because the so called sovereignity is non existent. As a third country the EU can impose on us what they like to enforce their wishes. Take a look at the Channel crossing ports for the last few days. More to come yet. “Brexit means Brexit” and more nasty medicine is to come because of it.

  3. And there but for the grace of God, goes anyone of us.
    It’s ironic really, just down the road we have royalty teaming with wealth that wouldn’t have a clue how the other half live. We had Kate in the news just recently, with all the blind royal worshipers commenting how frugal she is, because she wears a £5000 coat more that once. We really do have all our priorities wrong on this planet. Anybody can become homeless and sink into depression for a host of reasons, one of the main ones being mental health. We should be trying to help these people, not just fining them or moving them onto a different spot. Merry Christmas all..


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