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Stunt slays bin Salman

Matthew Steeples salutes James Stunt for taking to social media to call out the crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman over the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi


James Stunt is a gentleman not afraid to mince his words and now, using the power of social media, he has taken to Instagram and YouTube to call out Mohammed bin Salman over the viciously orchestrated assassination of the dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi.


In a 10.40 minute video, uploaded this morning, Stunt shares his views about the slaying – which took place in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul on the 2nd October as a result of the actions of agents of the Saudi government – and the conduct of bin Salman (whom is colloquially known as ‘MBS’).


Aside from offering a $100 million “who wants to be a billionaire” challenge” to the “glamouring moron” crown prince to take a polygraph test to prove whether or not he ordered or is implicated in this despicable murder, Stunt also respectfully spoke of his affection for the other “warm and loving” members of the House of Saud.


Referencing bin Salman as an “evil, vile prat” and his Istanbul based consulate general as “what a charmer” and a “berk,” Stunt analyses the details of this ongoing scandal and suggests “this story has more holes in it than a sieve.” He is right and it is time that others in the public eye join him in condemning this disgraceful outrage for what it truly is.


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  1. Stunt is right!!!!!!!!!!!! These vile pig despots need slaying!!!!!!!!!! Killing innocent men and getting away with it should not be allowed!!!!!!!!!!!! Nuke this pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Why do people feel the need to include pictures of themselves when commenting. I mean I could see a certain logic if one is an attractive looking person but……

  2. The Saudis need sanctions against them. Theresa May and her greedy husband no doubt will profit from their “friendship” with this evil man once they leave office and no doubt she’ll also get a job with Halliburton. James Stunt speaks for us all in his comments. Bring this murderer to justice.

  3. Well said by a Man of substance and means!!! Why are more people in the public eye not speaking out like this ? He is quite right any other person would not have gotten away with an atom of what this Dictator has made his people endure! Well said Mr Stunt!!!

  4. Hear hear James it is necessary to have people of influence like yourself speak out on those clumsy cover ups. I wonder if there is a political person in the UK that has the balls to do something about this

  5. WOW!!!! The only real Man I have seen throughout all of this soap opera! Every time I hear James Stunt speak, I see a blunt, intelligent man of honesty and integrity. It’s one heck of a sexy powerful combination. Makes me proud to be British. I wish there were more men who were like you and not so caught up in political correctness and just spoke like you from the HEART!!!! So happy someone like you finally put that Tyrant in his place.

  6. “Stunt also respectfully spoke of his affection for the other “warm and loving” members of the House of Saud” hahahahahaha…and who might these enlightened Saudi’s might these be?

    Really, Matthew….what’s going on here?

    • He speaks complete sense. The crown prince is a disgrace and has even been called out by the Senate in the USA and condemned as a murderer.

  7. Well done James, it’s about time somebody has the balls to speak up about this scum bag. Not one politician here or there has had the guts to really condemn the prince for his part in this murderous act. Also what about the utter contempt for the rest of the civilised world when he met Putin recently, the pair decided to give each other a high five, bloody disgrace.

  8. It is awful that a crown prince would behave in such a fashion. Stunt is right to speak out and you are right to say others should too.

  9. Salutations to James Stunt for such excellent work against that evil tyrant. As Berkoff said previously, he should have a one man show.


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